Super Talent FPM32GLSE

Super Talent FPM32GLSE
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Dez 2018

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Wrong Part


This 3rd party seller took way too long to ship it, and it arrived too late. Now, its been a week, and they have not responded to the RMA request, which was sent twice. Now I'm out of $50 and shipping. Going to eba-y it. Not ever dealing with this...

Works fine on desktop

Wrong physical size for Dell mini

Dez 2014

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Good drive


Some netbooks will require a BIOS update to work with the SATA mini PCI-e drive (my Eee PC 900A already had the latest update from ASUS). NEVER DEFRAG A WINDOWS BASED PC/NETBOOK/LAPTOP WITH A SSD DRIVE. You will destroy the performance. There are no...

Easy to install, I did notice a slight performance incease on the Eee PC 900A (upgraded from 1GB RAM to 2GB) ; No special drivers required ; Windows XP Home Edition had no issues ; No moving parts, doesn't generate as much heat

Did not see the "oh, WOW" performance increase that other reviewers have stated with XinXP (with Linux, definatly much better performance) ; Because of how new the SSD technology is, price is a little high for the capacity

Aug 2009

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Great for eee 900A, but go bigger, same speed, or bigger and slightly slower.


Get a bigger SSD. My first thought was to get the faster 32g drive thinking it would be enough for tri-boot, and lighting fast. It is, but it's a little cramped; and I don't think the performance advantage you get with this as compared to the slower...

Very fast. Loads windows 7 / OS X / and eeebuntu very quickly. I can easily reboot from one OS to the other without feeling like I'm waiting for the thing to boot up

Although it is very fast, which is why I gave it the 5 stars, it's not quite all I Imagined it would be. It doesn't really feel as extremely fast as I had imagined. I imagine the slightly slower version would be hard to distinguish from this one,...

Aug 2009

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Fantastic for the 900A!


I had tried this on the 900 before the 900A, and apparently the 900 is not compatible with this drive (at least with the BIOS revision I have). I had the 900A already on the way and just wanted to test out the drive, but while in the 900 Ubuntu would...

Extremely fast! As was previously posted - about a 30 second boot time for Linux! Ubuntu to be specific in my case. This installation was quick and easy. Working perfectly

Not a thing. Although read my other thoughts

Jun 2009

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Asus EEE PC 900a - works great!


I couldnt be happier with this upgrade, great speed benefits, as well as capacity, at a price that I feel is entirely reasonable for a device of this caliber. Cheers to Asus for making a netbook that is able to function like this, and cheers to Super...

Easy install, worked right out of the box ; Dramatically speeded up performance in linux ~30 second bootup ; Runs great with windows 7 as well ~ 45 second bootup ; Snappy program response ; Quick shutdown


Jun 2009