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Nov 2019

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Expertenbewertung von : Jill Duffy (

Lumo Run


The clip-on Lumo Run tracks runs and coaches you on how to improve, making it a great value for intermediate level runners.

Advanced running metrics. Includes audio coaching when used with phone. Clear and specific feedback. Supports treadmill runs.

iOS only. No ability to pair a heart rate monitor. Doesn't estimate recovery time, ground contact time, VO2 max, or race time goals.

I enjoyed the Lumo Run more than I expected because of the specificity of its feedback. Data points are only as good as the choices we make because of them. Lumo helps you jump from information to action. If you're into running and want personalized...

Jan 2017

Expertenbewertung von : Kieran Alger (

Lumo Run review


Running form fixer

Excellent video running drills ; Great battery life ; Good price

Real-time coaching requires phone ; No Android support ; No GPS

The Lumo Run is a keenly priced, highly capable tool for serious runners who want to improve their running form. The detail of the real time biometric feedback is second to none and the post-run video drills are perfectly timed, easy to understand and...

Nov 2017

Expertenbewertung von : Sarah Mitroff (

Lumo Run shorts track your pelvis movement to make you a better runner


When you set out on a run, you can easily track your distance, pace and heart rate with an app, wristband or running watch, but what about tracking how your body actually moves?

We plan to put the Lumo Run shorts through their paces when they're ready, so check back for CNET's full assessment.

Okt 2015

Expertenbewertung von : Valentina Palladino (

Lumo Run reviewed: Messing up your form? This running coach can fix that.


You run regularly, but are you running correctly?

Compact design that doesn't move when you're running. ; In-depth analysis of running form, both in real-time and in the app. ; Uses the GPS on your smartphone to map running routes as well as track distance and pace. ; Good battery life.

Module is difficult to slip into the very snug clip. ; Persistant feedback audio tones can be annoying if you're running badly.

Aug 2016

Expertenbewertung von (

Review of the Lumo Run


Throw on a pair of running shoes, and you can exercise just about anywhere. If you don't run with proper form, though, you'll expend more energy than necessary and may end up injuring yourself. In the United States, the annual injury rate of the...

After years of not being able to run because of pain, I am now able to take some easy jogs thanks to the exercises, tips and coaching of Lumo Run. I’m working with my physical therapist to ensure I’m not injuring or hurting my back or other muscles,...

Preisvergleich für Lumo Run

  Händler     Preis CH MADE.COM Lumo Tischlampe, Kupfer und Anthrazit in...
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Keuco Royal Lumos Spiegelschrank 114301171201 Artikelnummer 14301171201Maße: 650 x 735 x 165 mmAnschlag...
Skybad Keuco Royal Lumos Spiegelschrank 14301171101...
Keuco Royal Lumos Spiegelschrank 14301171101 Artikelnummer 14311171101 Maße: 650 x 735 x 165 mmAnschlag...
1.008,00CHF ZUM SHOP
Skybad Keuco Royal Lumos Spiegelschrank 14302171301...
Keuco Royal Lumos Spiegelschrank 14302171301 Artikelnummer 14302171301Maße: 800 x 735 x 165 mmWandvorbau...
1.144,00CHF ZUM SHOP
Skybad Keuco Royal Lumos Spiegelschrank 14314171301...
Keuco Royal Lumos Spiegelschrank 14314171301 Artikelnummer 14314171301Maße: 1000 x 735 x 165 mmWandeinbau...
1.171,00CHF ZUM SHOP
Skybad Keuco Royal Lumos Spiegelschrank 14313171301...
Keuco Royal Lumos Spiegelschrank 14313171301 Artikelnummer 14313171301Maße: 900 x 735 x 165 mmWandeinbau...
1.176,00CHF ZUM SHOP
Skybad Keuco Royal Lumos Spiegelschrank 14304171301...
Keuco Royal Lumos Spiegelschrank 14304171301 Artikelnummer 14304171301Maße: 1000 x 735 x 165 mmWandvorbau...
1.227,00CHF ZUM SHOP
Skybad Keuco Royal Lumos Spiegelschrank 14315171301...
Keuco Royal Lumos Spiegelschrank 14315171301 Artikelnummer 14315171301Maße: 1200 x 735 x 165 mmWandeinbau...
1.454,00CHF ZUM SHOP
Skybad Keuco Royal Lumos Spiegelschrank 14316171301...
Keuco Royal Lumos Spiegelschrank 14316171301 Artikelnummer 14316171301Maße: 1400 x 735 x 165 mmWandeinbau...
1.467,00CHF ZUM SHOP

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