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Kundenmeinung (

Sounds great ,difficulty charging


I purchased these 3 months ago and when I got them I thought they were great .After having hearing aids worth upwards of 4000$the price I thought was reasonable and they worked better then hearing aids.Recently they have quit charging due to them not...

Feb 2019

Kundenmeinung (

Nuheara iq buds


My son has been self conscious about his hearing aids in some cases refusing to wear them to school but now wears these is buds with pride, great battery life, a app to tune them in and he has improved his grades. Definitely worth the investment thanks...

Feb 2019

Kundenmeinung (



They were not as good as promoted and one ear piece stopped working just after the warranty ran out and a replacement piece cost $220 when the whole new thing is $299. They are not worth the money at all. They do the same job as normal wireless head...

Jan 2019

Kundenmeinung (

wow -- don't buy-- bait and switch order


Ordered right boost ear bud for husband and received alternate product not wanted. Only ordered one per website and now they tell me they can not fill just one. We also were charged an international fee of $9.00 as well from BOA. Too confusing with...

Dez 2018

Kundenmeinung (

Rubbish, returned for refund less 5% restocking fee


Ear buds wouldn't Initially charge and then only once. They wanted me to send them back for repair. I brought them to hear vocals on TV movies but for me they didn't help. Couldn't charge them again so returned them for a refund. They refunded amount...

Dez 2018

Kundenmeinung (

2 year battery lifespan inadequate


NuheRa have told me (after probing questions) that the internal bud batteries only have a circa / year life. After they die they can't be replaced. Only option is to buy the pack again! This is not openly disclosed by Nuheara and is a bit of a...

Jul 2018

Kundenmeinung (

Terrible Product!!!


Purchased few days ago and item turned up in 2 days. Amazing dispatch speed. But turns out left ear piece doesn't function or charging right out of the box. Supplied the feedback to customer service and arrange a replacement. Unfortunately the return...

Mai 2018

Kundenmeinung (

Good sound but poor as phone earpiece


I'm happy with these earbuds as noise cancelling earphones. I have a set of Bose noise cancelling earbuds and I'd say these have (subjectively) better sound. I like the ability to tailor the noise cancelling depending on environment. I also love the...

Mär 2018

Kundenmeinung (

Bluetooth range is terrible - and a deal breaker


The noise cancellation works fine, however for a product in this price range it needs functional bluetooth range. For me that would mean having a mobile in my pocket, or perhaps up to 2m away from me and having zero breaks in the connection. IQbuds...

Feb 2018

Kundenmeinung (

Stay away


These are big and clunky and also doesn't do a good job in putting out good sound. My particular piece had a lot of issues and it is so much harder to get it replaced or get support. It is an average 'wireless' earbud that should be avoided at all cases.

Feb 2018

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