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Kundenmeinung (coffeegeek.com)

What a great way to wake up in the morning!


I plumbed the supply for this machine, connecting it to a water filtration system. I didn't plum the drain. I don't see why one would do that. You still have to clean out the drain pan out from time to time. Disconnecting the drain hose would just make...

Solidly built, plumbable, E-61 group head, pressure gauges, quiet (rotary pump), consistent, trouble-free. What more could someone want? Bought from Chris' Coffee Service. Great place to satisfy your coffee obsessions

Maybe it's because I haven't had this machine long enough but as of now, I simply can't think of any negative points

Aug 2010

Kundenmeinung (coffeegeek.com)

this machine is totally solid, quiet, and reliable. It is one of the best things I ever bought. If you love coffee, find the money for this and you w


I had an Isomac Millenium for about 4 years. It was excellent. Some troubleshooting and repairs were required. Considering that I used it twice a day for four years, I remained a happy owner. It was time to upgrade. I wanted a quieter rotary pump...

Great looking polished stainless unit ; Very easy to use ; QUIET rotary pump

Isn't as pretty as the Millenium ; Must remember to push the group lever all the way down, or water continues to come out of the group head

Aug 2010

Kundenmeinung (coffeegeek.com)

Direct plumbing and rotary pump were the way to go! Chris's service was outstanding!!


I've owned an espresso shop for a couple of years and, while realizing there's always more to learn, know what I like in shots and drinks. This machine puts out great shots with the right grinder. Catching on to the temperature surfing was easy and...

Given some of the reviews I'd read I was worried about the milk frothing but that turned out to be no problem. After working in my own espresso shop for two years I was used to great foam and this machine gave me the same. Along with the Rancilio...

It was too tall for my cupboards so I cut out a section to allow it to fit and it was worth it. The tray is a bit short but when doing the "jiggle" during the rinse I just pull it out a bit and push it back in for the rest of the operations

Aug 2010

Kundenmeinung (coffeegeek.com)

If you step up to a plumbed in E61 machine, the Vetrano can take you to the next level of espresso obsession.


After 10 years with my PID'd Silvia, I wanted to move up and I had to decide between an HX and a double boiler. In this price range cost was not a deciding factor for me. I wanted to try an E61, and I decided that HX was more in the spirit of the E61...

Excellent, consistent espresso performance over a range of dose, grind, temperature ; Very good steaming concurrent with pulling shots ; Plumbed in with quiet powerful rotary pump ; Well engineered product with customer support from someone who really...

Drip tray could be deeper (come forward more under front of group)

Jul 2010

Kundenmeinung (coffeegeek.com)

Love the Vetrano!


Once again, great machine and a great value. The Vetrano makes exceptional espresso and the steaming capabilities of this beast are awesome. Like any new machine, getting the proper technique down-pat takes some practice, but in no time, I was...

Probably the best value in an E-61 based heat exchanger. Rotary pump, plumbed in supply, plumbed drain, no-burn wands. The quality of the polished steel casing is great - cleans up with just a soft towel and shines beautifully. The machine itself is...

Hard to find fault with the great machine, but if I had to think of a few things to improve upon (and this is nit-picking), they'd be ; (1) lower the plumbed drain hole or angle the tray toward the hole. As it is, the drain sits above the level of the...

Apr 2010

Kundenmeinung (coffeegeek.com)

If you want a direct plumbed, very attractive E61 rotary pump machine stop searching, you have found it.


Was very easy to plumb in. If you purchase a direct plumbed machine be sure to get a water softener and carbon filter that is plumbed in before the machine. chriscoffee offers a nice kit with all connections and standard 10" filter canisters for...

Worth every penny, after hours and hours of reading reviews I settled on the Vetrano and do not have a single regret. If you want a direct plumbed, very attractive E61 grouphead rotary pump machine stop searching, you have found it

plastic knobs for steamer/hot water

Feb 2010

Kundenmeinung (coffeegeek.com)

I am quite pleased with this machine and would buy it again.


This is my first (and hopefully last) espresso machine. After reading and researchng these machines ad nauseum, I decided that the common thread seemed to be that people start out with lesser machines and continually upgrade. I wanted to start out with...

Sturdy ; Excellent fit & finish ; Direct Plumbed ; Large Drip Tray

Instructions lacking for making adjustments

Jan 2010

Kundenmeinung (coffeegeek.com)

The Vetrano is the Coffeegeeks dream machine...once you try it there is no looking back!


I have been into coffee for years but just recently decided to try my hand at espresso and cappuccino. My first venture was with the Rancilio Silvia (like most new enthusiasts) and I quickly got tired of the limitations of the Silvia. I live close to...

Quality construction ; Rotary pump ; E61 group ; HX brew system ; Direct connect (drain kit available) ; Dual manometer guage ; 2 portafilters included ; Insulated boiler

Relatively expensive ; A little on the large side ; A lot of stainless steel to keep clean ; Direct connect may be a problem for some

Aug 2009

Kundenmeinung (coffeegeek.com)

the last machine that you'll ever need as a picky and demanding home barista


I ventured into the world of good espresso with an Ascaso Dream. Quickly though, I wanted to upgrade to a better machine. I found out about the Quickmill line through many positive remarks about chriscoffee.com here on coffeegeek. When I checked out...

reliable machine that performs at all times ; quiet rotary pump with direct hook-up ; makes beautiful espresso of the highest quality ; has lots of steam power for the demanding home user ; uses real commercial parts yet remains reasonably sized for...

Hard to think of any. A minor gripe is that the drip tray whilst connected to the drain always retains a residual amount of water that needs to be picked up with a sponge. I've always thought that a slanted design with the drain plug at the bottom...

Mai 2009

Kundenmeinung (coffeegeek.com)

This machine is a compelling entry into the higher end of the E61 class of machines. If you want to go plumbed in for under 2 grand, this machine shou


I have very little to add to all the excellent reviews of this machine, but I do want to say that, after several months of everyday use, this machine is a lot of fun to use, and yields impressively consistent results. To a great extent, this is because...

Quiet machine, quality build, easy plumb-in. I think this machine is easily one of the best in class, second to, perhaps, the Vibiemme Domobar Super--and it still wins for me by a rotary pump

2 things I don't like

Jun 2008

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