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CoffeeGeek - Isomac Venus - James VL's Review


I got this machine a week ago. The box was humongous! but I guess I'm glad that it was so well protected. Box in a box, with lots of padding in the second box around it. It is a gorgeous machine. It was hard to get good shots at first, probably because...

Great steaming = fast, good micro-foam, no burned milk, just a good experience etc ; Water reservoir capacity is superb ; Pressure gauge is very helpful ; Love the switches and lighting system ; Nice, large drip tray ; Cup warming tray is a nice...

Steep learning curve ; Steaming wand hard to clean ; After steaming, water comes out so hot that it can be out of control

Nov 2010

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good quality machine for the price that froths very well and produces consistently good coffee


I used a gaggia coffee before this and occasionally i got a really good cappuccino. Results though were inconsistent. In truth I was learning on that machine and in-between I had a pod machine (lavazza espressopoint) so maybe I was just a bit better...

Very good steam ; Consistently good coffee ; large drip tray

you have to purge the steam wand for 10-20 seconds to get rid of moisture before steaming milk

Nov 2009

Kundenmeinung (

No frills, quality machine for no-nonsense coffee lovers


Awesome looking, heavy duty -- easy to fix and maintain product. First time house guests always notice and complement, but I've long ago ceased to notice how cool looking it is, and just depend upon it for the daily dose(s) of fine espresso and frothy...

Looks, quality

A bit querky -- poorly transalated instruction manual is a GAS to read -- "counter clockwise" translated as "against the watch sense". After three years, the dripper spout broke off the espresso basket -- I now brew without it -- just fine thank you...

Apr 2007

Kundenmeinung (

An excellent machine for the price!


Prior to purchasing the Venus I had spent nearly a month on the WWW researching Espresso Machines. It only took a few hours of research to narrow the field down to two finalist (Isomac Venus and Ranchilio Silvia). Initially, I was leaning towards...

Aesthetics: It looks great on the kitchen counter ; Large boiler equals lots of steam ; Consistent shots when matched with a good grinder ; Excellent craftsmanship

Steep learning curve ; Requires a good grinder

Nov 2006

Kundenmeinung (

Yeah, I finally decided to sell my breadmaker to make room for Venus on the countertop.


Maybe you're like me when it comes time to make a purchase costing more than a bag of bagels. I research the heck out of it and then pull the pin. After 2 months of doing my thing, I decided on Venus. When we first met I thought, "wow, good lookin'in...

Knockout looks, not sassy mind you, more like that red-headed German chick you used to date. you know..."Industrial ; Steamy and lots of it ; Solid feel, quality grouphead ; Large catch basin ; Able to pull 3-5 shots in rapid order, nice when serving...

Operation Manual is hopeless, even if you CAN read Italian ; Spent 3 months doing things wrong and getting inconsistent results due to lack of operating instructions (see my first point) ; Grouphead gasket has failed several times until I got a...

Sep 2006

Kundenmeinung (

Venus gets my vote as the best espresso machine at this price point and compares favorably to far more expensive machines.


After a month of research and negotiating with my conscience over my budget I chose to get the Venus. I had hoped to spend some of my vacation enjoying a new espresso machine, but my vacation came and went while waiting for this to get from Milan to...

Venus is an extremely beautiful and weighty machine! Sturdy and rugged parts in a beautiful polished stainless steal case. Big resevoir for fresh water, and a large drip tray are part of what makes this a formidable presence on my coffee counter. The...

The pressure is at 12 bars and one of these days I'll have to get around to adjusting it down to between 8 and 10 (nice that it has a pressure gauge, so that I know what I'm dealing with...), so far I've compensated nicely with the grind setting. The...

Aug 2005

Kundenmeinung (

Takes espresso making to the next level at a fraction of the cost.


The Venus brews serious espresso. Consistently gets good foam and great foam fairly regularly. Very easy to clean, this machine has a water filter, easy to clean tank and foaming nozle. The Venus produces consistently good espresso and foam. It is...

The Venus produces consistently good espresso and foam. It is so very good to the point of making me wonder what the more expensive machines do compared to the Venus

For best results, I have found turning the machine on about 7-10 minutes prior to drawing and foaming raises the water tempature to the level necessary for brewing

Aug 2005

Kundenmeinung (

Proud, tall Italian beauty with a few kinks, but a worthy alternative to Miss Sylvia.


I took delivery of Venus in January 2004, so I have been using her for well over a year and have gotten to know her inside and out. Venus replaced a FF X1 that i owned for less than a month (i was extremely dissatisfied with the FF). I've gleaned so...

Very nice to look at. Large drip tray. Large clearance between portafilter spouts and drip tray. Toggle switches are solid and feel good in the hand. Pressure gauge is handy. Large water tank. Included water softener. Braided metal hoses. 3 way...

Sharp edges in some areas. Rattles. Drippy steam wand. Pressure way too high out of box. Poor packing materials. Steel used for cup warmer/lid of a much lower quality than rest of the machine

Mai 2005

Kundenmeinung (

The Venus truly is a wonderful machine for the aesthetic aspects of the espresso 'experience' but the true art in the cup was not possible without a g


I fell in love with espresso while living in Rome. When I returned to the states I lamented that I couldn't find anyplace that served decent espresso and set out to try and find a way to do it at home. I found the Krappy Krups for $20 at a yard sale,...

Beautiful Machine ; Nice heavy duty portafilter ; Quick warmup ; Decent steam capacity

(Lack of automatic filling of boiler) - Removed 05.04.05 ; Acorn nut on steam valve gets really hot ; Rattles a ton when pulling a shot ; Lots of water needs to be bled from the steam wand before getting dry steam - Added 05.04.05

Jan 2005

Kundenmeinung (

Poor man's Porsche just like my little VW R32:)


Got this machine at the office after i almost went hysterical (in men this is twice as spectacular) over the Gaggia Evolution's totally poor performance. See i started with the idea that my work setup should be cheap. It is because of that machine that...

Unbeatable aesthetics. A conversation starter. Blends perfectly with my steel, glass, and wire Scandinavian style office environment ; Pulls amazingly consistent shots once you properly dial in your grinder ; Solid portafilter

The double spout spreads the pour wider than my cup can accomodate. Luckily the single spout from Chris Coffee was a good fix

Jul 2004

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