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CoffeeGeek - Ascaso Steel Espresso Line - Jonathan Selan's Review


This is the first coffee machine I've owned. I bought it with an Ascaso i-mini grinder and initially, it would take half a bag of coffee beans until I got the grind right. My results are now more consistent because I use the same big dose, tamp not too...

I've had some superb cups of coffee from this machine. It looks good and is easy to use, and makes much better coffee than the Gaggia Compact we have at work. For quality of espresso and aesthetics, it's probably the best in this price range

Results are hard to get consistent - the machine is sensitive to small changes in grind, dose and tamp ; I bought a new portafilter basket because the ones supplied were too small. Then after only a few weeks, the rubber gasket that seals the...

Okt 2011

Kundenmeinung (

CoffeeGeek - Ascaso Steel Espresso Line - Nancy Hom's Review


I upgraded to this machine after doing a ton of research from my Briel Semi-automatic pro. This machine, packaged with an Ascaso grinder came to $834 from JL Hufford--more than double what I had paid for the Briel so I had high expectations. Aside from...

Duo thermoblock, large water tank, good drip tray, heated top, heavy portafilter nice look. Hot water feature

Frothing tip and other options -- none of them make acceptable foam. Design of how to access the water tank could be better. Have to manually watch the coffee vs. automatic dial of the portion of coffee you want

Jun 2011

Kundenmeinung (

CoffeeGeek - Ascaso Steel Espresso Line - Damian S's Review


I did a lot of research before settling on the Duo. I find that my buying tendencies head towards 'underdogs' for some reason and this is no exception. It seems that the Rancilio Silvia seems to get the most adulation from many aficionados working in...

Dual boilers (one a thermoblock) really useful for back to back shots ; Machine design excellent for thermal stability ; A lot of options included ; Looks good on counter ; Separate hot water tap for tea/americanos

Rather useless temperature gauge ; Buttons feel a bit cheap ; Included metal tamper is too small

Mai 2011

Kundenmeinung (

CoffeeGeek - Ascaso Steel Espresso Line - Jeff Spirer's Review


First, let me comment on price. I paid $900, but there is (as of April 2011) a special from 1st Line where you get a free Ascaso I2 grinder, which makes the price $600. Then 1st Line adds in a heavy stainless tamper and one hole and three hole steaming...

Makes excellent coffee with the right grind ; Separate pump for steam with separate switch ; Looks modern ; Bright lights help see in daylight ; Water empty monitor

Switches are confusing at first ; Manual is useless ; Stock steam doo-dad isn't very good ; Weird noises and steam emanate on occasion

Apr 2011

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CoffeeGeek - Ascaso Steel Espresso Line - Ryan Johnson's Review


I've been using a saeco super-automatic for the past 3-4 years. While I liked the convenience, I never liked the quality of espresso itself in it. Weak, with no crema - no way to make a double shot etc always bothered me, but I found the regular...

Fast startup, Great coffee, rich crema

Haven't found one yet - when I do - I'll update the review

Mär 2011

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CoffeeGeek - Ascaso Steel Espresso Line - John Chambers's Review


Having lost my Alexia to my ex wife, I finally decided to get a replacement machine. After lots of online shopping, reading reviews and a bunch of research I decided on the Ascaso Steel Uno Pro with PID. At a retail price of $799, it just seems to have...

This is a beautiful machine, and looks great. It produces great shots, maintains a steady temperature, and I love it

Not many! The machine retains heat very well, which means that you have to wait a bit longer when you go from steaming to brewing ; The top slopes to the rear, which means that your cups, tamper etc will slide back. Unfortunately the neglected to put a...

Nov 2010

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CoffeeGeek - Ascaso Steel Espresso Line - Leszek Nowosielski's Review


I was considering the Sylvia as well, and am so very happy we went with this machine. I love the looks, but more importantly, am blown away by the quality of the shots we have been pulling. Glad that the folks at Morala suggested this machine and...

Great looking espresso machine. Very sleek industrial design, simple layout, all steel construction (the only plastic is the water container hidden at back of machine) ; Very large/deep drip tray well hidden under grille, includes baffles so that water...

Instructions that come with the machine are pretty basic.. Looks like they do one manual for the entire Ascaso line of products. As each machine is different, the guide is next to useless. Best to just go on youtube and look for product reviews for the...

Nov 2010

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CoffeeGeek - Ascaso Steel Espresso Line - Jean-Michel Laprise's Review


I really love this machine. I'm a Mac user and I feel this is a machine that will appeal to Mac users more than PC users. Looks, design, ease-of-use and great functionality are my main requirements, and they are this machine's strong points. But as...

Looks great, clean lines, nice design. Solid construction. Dual boilers makes making coffee as simple as can be. Makes a great cup if you let it

Steam pressure cannot be controlled independently. I've had to bring it in to the shop for a cheap repair (split hose). Once in a while the coffee button doesn't work until I press the steam button to "unstick it

Jun 2010

Kundenmeinung (

CoffeeGeek - Ascaso Steel Espresso Line - Alex Zarkadas's Review


We took good care of the machine, used softened water, descaled the machine every 2-3 months.

Simple to use ; Consistent espresso ; Two boilers to simplify making an espresso

9 times the machine went to the shop for repair in the two years I owned it

Mai 2010

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CoffeeGeek - Ascaso Steel Espresso Line - Vik Kalia's Review


Great with pid, consistent temp control for a single boiler. The ascaso pro with pid is the machine to buy in this price bracket. Compared to the sylvia, with the added pid, large drip tray, 58 mm portafilter in professional grouphead setup as well as...

Consistent, excellent variable control with pid. Heats up quickly and provides a great shot, one after the next. Looks good on the kitchen counter. As a single boiler, takes away alot of the finicky messing around you get with a sylvia at comparable...

Stange set up cup warmer on top of machine, angled so cups end up sliding down

Apr 2010

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