Nokia Lumia 822

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Bedienbarkeit, Leistung, Preisleistungsverhältnis, Portabilität, Bildschirm


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Expertenbewertung von : Zachary Lutz (

Nokia Lumia 822 review: the pride of Espoo returns to Verizon Wireless


Three years. That's how long it's been since Nokia has offered a phone for the largest carrier in the US: a unique (and yet wholly forgettable) device

Strong performance ; Great camera ; Good value

Ugly design ; Average display ; Middling call quality

The Lumia 822 is a solid mid-range Windows Phone and provides an excellent value for those unable to afford HTC's 8X.

Nov 2012

Expertenbewertung von : Jamie Lendino (

Nokia Lumia 822 (Verizon Wireless)


The Nokia Lumia 822 delivers a solid, if unexceptional, Windows Phone 8 experience on Verizon Wireless.

Refined Windows Phone 8 OS. Fast LTE data. Great camera.

Low-res screen. Few compelling apps available.

Multimedia, Camera, and Conclusions Otherwise, the Lumia 822 shares the rest of the Lumia 810's characteristics. There's 16GB of internal storage, with 9.78GB free for user programs and media. There's also a microSD card slot—a welcome improvement on...

Nov 2012

Expertenbewertung von : Tom Warren (

Nokia Lumia 820 review


Nokia's focus with Windows Phone 8 might be on its Lumia 920 handset, but the Lumia 820 might be even more appealing but for those looking at smaller and lower-cost options. It's a promising handset that will be available in several variations on US...

Bright (but low-res) display ; Solid performance ; Optional wireless charging

Resolution ; Camera can be hit and miss ; Boring design

Will Nokia's latest Windows Phone 8 entry capture the hearts of the masses?

Nov 2012

Expertenbewertung von : Jessica Dolcourt (

Nokia Lumia 822 review


The Nokia Lumia 822 scores points where it counts, performing its LTE and Windows Phone 8 functions well. Its $99 contract price tag makes for a good value smartphone, but like its other Lumia cousins, the 822's thick, bland design drags the phone...

Nokia's Lumia 822 delivers 4G LTE and a nice 8-megapixel camera, and adds 16GB of onboard storage with room for 64GB more.

A heavy build and rough, scratchy call quality detract from the Lumia 822's overall appeal.

The Nokia Lumia 822 offers a very good value for Verizon, but if you're into stylish design and spotless call quality, this isn't the phone for you.

Nov 2012

Expertenbewertung von : FAUguy (

Nokia Lumia 822 Review


The Lumia 822 is pretty much the same device as the Lumia 820, but repackaged for Verizon, as it retains the 4.3” WVGA ClearBlack AMOLED display, 8MP camera, and general appearance. Still, the Lumia 822 offers all the new features of a Windows Phone 8...

Solid construction ; Additional Nokia apps ; Quick performance

Voices are a bit “sharp” sounding ; Mediocre camera quality

In the world of Windows Phone 8 devices, there isn’t a big selection at the present time, but Nokia is clearly trying to make its presence know. The Lumia 822 is a solid device with good features that complements its $100 on contract price. We like its...

Nov 2012

Expertenbewertung von : Julie (

Nokia Lumia 822 Windows Phone 8 smartphone review


It's been so long since I reviewed a Windows phone, that they weren't even called Windows Phones back then. They were called Windows Mobile phones. So it's an understatement to say that I've been long overdue to try one. Verizon Wireless was kind...

Snappy performance ; Physical camera button ; Can use touch screen with gloves

Short battery life ; Low resolution display ; Thick

I still remember the good old days of Windows Mobile, so I found Windows Phone 8 to be a completely different experience which is both good and bad. It’s good because it is simple to use, fast and optimized for touch input. But bad because it’s almost...

Jan 2013

Expertenbewertung von : Eric M. Zeman (

Review: Nokia Lumia 822 for Verizon Wireless


The Lumia 822 from Nokia packs some mid-range punch for Verizon Wireless. Find out where this Windows Phone shines and where it comes off a little dull.

Dez 2012

Expertenbewertung von : Grant Hatchimonji (brighthand)

Nokia Lumia 822 Review: That's More Like It


Thanks to Verizon's powerful 4G LTE network, the Lumia 822 sheds the one major weak spot of its sister models: the performance of its respective carrier.

Solid performance ; Verizon 4G LTE network is great ; Good exclusive apps, namely Data Sense ; Affordable

Unattractive build ; Camera is of poor quality ; Data Sense has a caveat

If the hardware and price of the Nokia Lumia 820 and its carrier equivalents appeal to you, then Verizon’s own Lumia 822 is likely your best bet. It may not have as sexy of a build as the

Dez 2012

Expertenbewertung von : Brighthand (

Nokia Lumia 822 Review: That’s More Like It


Thanks to Verizon's powerful 4G LTE network, the Lumia 822 sheds the one major weak spot of its sister models: the performance of its respective carrier.

Solid performance, Verizon 4G LTE network is great, Good exclusive apps, namely Data Sense, Affordable

Unattractive build, Camera is of poor quality

Dez 2012

Expertenbewertung von : Brad Sams (

Review: Nokia Lumia 822 for Verizon


Up for testing in the Neolabs is the Verizon Lumia 822. This entry level device is easy on the budget yet high on features... but will its ugly casing and bland colors win over consumers?

Dez 2012