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Pentax ME


I have inherited this from my Mom and used it for about 4 months. It collected dust in my closet for years until I discovered it's quite useful. I took it to summer camp to try it out with 400 film. It was a breeze to use with the help of a fellow film...

lock option ; easy to use ; great size ; self-timer ; easy to load

foggy viewfinder ; battery operated shutter speed ; not light sensitive

Nov 2011

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Pentax ME


Before I chose this model, I researched the features of the Pentax ME, so I knew that it was NOT a full manual camera. Some people points out its lack of manual controls as a weakness, but if you want full manual control, then buy the MX instead.

Size and weight ; Lens compatibility ; Automatic but not really full automatic ; Quality building ; Battery grip / winder availability

Mirror slap may ruin some pictures depending on lens focal length and speed ; The tiny little white button in the shutter speed dial ; Focusing split circle is not always useful

Mär 2011

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Pentax ME


I bought this camera in a lot that included three Pentax Spotmatic bodies, two lenses, and an assortment of photographic accessories. I really did not want or need the ME body but after trying it, I was so impressed that I had to write this review.

Size/Weight--its relatively small size and light weight make it ideal for a backpack ; Dependability--well-built, rugged, and very dependable ; Focusing Screen--has a very useful split-image focusing aid surrounded by a micro prism focusing aid ; Light...

Lens mount--wish it used the M42 screw mount instead of the bayonet mount because I have many M42 lenses but only one Pentax bayonet lens ; Focusing Screen--not interchangeable ; Light meter--no shutter priority or manual exposure modes. If those are...

Nov 2010

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Pentax ME


For what it is - an amateur oriented auto-exposure only camera - the ME is as good as it gets. It's small and light yet it is relatively rugged. The center-weighted meter is very accurate. It's about as quiet and vibration free as is possible with an...

ME bodies are inexpensive and fairly plentiful ; Pentax optics are excellent ; K-mount accessories and other brand lenses are plentiful and cheap ; Very accurate meter ; Light weight yet quiet and remarkably vibration-free. (I've done macro-work with...

Age ; Metal pentaprism housing dents fairly easily ; No manual mode ; No diopter adjustment. (a rarity back then on this level)

Aug 2008

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Pentax ME


Many people have reviewed this camera, but many of the reviews have factual errors that make this camera look worse than it is.This is my FAVORITE Pentax backup body. And is a small, reliable tank that always delivers spot-on exposures!I've owned...

Auto-Exposure mode (You set the F-stop, the camera sets the shutter speed.)SOLID body in a small package. (I'd take this baby into a war zone.)Pentax lens compatibility.1/100 sync and Bulb settingsCompatible with ME-II WinderFeatures exposure...

No manual shutter speed settings. (If you need manual control, get the Pentax ME Super.)It's a 20+ year old camera, so Pentax won't repair it ... you have to take it to a skilled local boy

Jun 2002

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Pentax ME


Bought this as a backup / 2nd body. I already have a K1000 and wanted another cheap body that could use the same lenses.Has a good flash sync speed (1/100) and decent metering but lacks several nice options. (see weaknesses)

Construction & finish. Ergonomics. Flash sync Speed (1/100). Bright view Finder

No Exposure Lock. No Self Timer. Lack of info in viewfinder (no aperture / shutter speed) No compensation (bracketing) control aside from film speed adjust. No DOF preview (yeah yeah, I know, most Pentax don''t have it)

Apr 2002

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Pentax ME


it''s making a very nice photos, ESPECIALLY with oryginal 50 mm /1.7 lens. The photos are always clear and sharp.

Accurate meteringSmall sizeLight weight

automatic mode only

Mär 2002

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Pentax ME


Bought the ME before a bicycle trip overseas. A pro shooter buddy knew I liked my K1000, encouraged me to get the ME and a couple of extra lenses, and I got the winder too. Rode in England (cool and warm on same day), Scotland (wet, rainy, cold and...

About as good as the Nikon Fs from that period, from what I can tell and what I''ve heard

Motor winder and camera sometimes don''t talk to each other.B

Sep 2001

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Pentax ME


Mine is 20 years old and has never failed me. Its been on a Nepal trek and been dropped more than once and still exposes perfectly everytime.

Accurate meteringSmall sizeLight weightNever failed on me

Fully automatic (would like manual sometimes)Not autofocus (for pictures of the kids)

Aug 2001

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Pentax ME


Great little piece, very comfortable in hands, fits in a coat pocket.

I bought a Super, actually, but aside from the compensation dial and selectable shutter, it's the same. This camera is tougher than many and as good as most. Extremely quick to use and also discreet

Yes, the light meter is always the first thing to go, even on a well kept camera. And it ain't no K-1000, and there ain't 8 billion of them floating around

Jul 2001

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