Trekstor Surftab Xiron 7.0 HD

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Preisleistungsverhältnis, Verarbeitungsqualität, Design

Bildschirm, Batterie, Touch-Screen, Bedienbarkeit, Apps

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Test av TrekStor SurfTab Xiron 7.0 HD


Läcker quadcore-surfplatta för en billig peng sätter inga världsrekord men ger dig samma prestanda som förra årets toppmodeller – för en bråkdel av priset.

En tunn och elegant surfplatta med massor av kraft för en billig peng. Skärmen är ljusstark och alla anslutningar som behövs finns på plats.

Det smala formatet sätter gränser för batteritiden, framför allt när ljusstyrkan är uppskruvad. Det finns ingen GPS

Dez 2013

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Decent design, but far from perfect


I really want to like this. Until the wireless issue arose, it's been a great little tablet overall, in spite of the aforementioned cons. I don't actually use it for much, which is why I was pleased to find this one for the price I did, but it's...

Decent price, small size, solid construction. It's a pretty well built tablet, and doesn't feel flimsy.

Touchscreen: Doesn't always respond when pressed. Sometimes I have to tap several times, before it reacts. Swiping works OK, but pressing can be problematic. Though, it could be my big fingers getting in the way. I have not tried using a stylus, yet....

Feb 2016

Kundenmeinung (

Garbage. PIECE of SH IIT*


With this money invested I thought maybe I wouldn't get a "literal" piece of sh it but its a piece of sh it. Please invest another $50 bucks and buy something better. This was used for school stuff so there wasn't much stress on it, just basic sh it,...

A toy. Just give it away if you hate someone but not to yourself please. We love ourselves. NO PROS EARNED: ZERO STARS WOOHOO!

-Delicate (as in don't drop it no more than 12 inches to ground floor or toss it onto your bed, etc.) -Had a display defect when it first arrived (screen flashes) -Returned it for another, had another display defect (color defect) -2 months in, wii-fii...

Aug 2015

Kundenmeinung (

do not purchase


I've had it for about 5 months and now I can charge it to 100% then shutdown and restart then run nothing and let it sit for half a day and the battery is completely drained. It's a tablet the requires power! Complete junk. I will not buy anything from...


really, really cheap

Jul 2015

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I bought two of these this past Christmas (2014) for my kids and its June, and they are both dead. Not from them dropping them mind you. They just up and died. And the warranty is 90 days. So while I'm out only around $130 I'm out that amount while I...

Good screen, graphics.

Slow to load. Hard time picking up wifi. Laggy like any other android device. Audio without ear buds was not near loud enough. They don't last.

Jun 2015

Kundenmeinung (

choose another


cheap . audialis is a good internet radio. app

cheap. touchscreen very insensitive and inexact. battery life about 2-3 days on standby i.e. screen off just wifi on. also seems to be incomplete version of Android missing some features like restart instead of shutdown.

Jun 2015

Kundenmeinung (

Not so nice - lousy battery, cameras


This is a Chinese device - whipped out on a leased production line by people who, unfortunately, were last seen doing agricultural labor. I'm guessing they blew out 10,000 units and ate the bad ones - and I got one. How many defectives? 10%? 20%? 50%?...

Runs Android version whatever 4.x.x?? - can't keep track of revisions and couldn't care less. Make a stable OS, people, and don't keep making 'fixes' for what you didn't think of when you were in a hurry. Good way to lost customers - permanently.

Lousy battery - maybe it was just my unit, but battery could not hold a charge even when the unit was in the 'OFF' state - I charged the battery to 100%, left the unit OFF overnight and 10 hours later it showed 61% charge - something is wrong here -...

Jan 2015

Kundenmeinung (

Nice little tablet


This is an excellent little tablet. I have purchase 3-4 non-brand name tablets prior to this one. This one is the first tablet I recommend purchasing. I can't comment on gaming but for browsing and netflix this tablet is great, especially for the price.

usb charging only. I like tablets that have a second method to charge.

Jan 2015

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Nice Little Unit!


I bought this as a Christmas gift for the wife who wanted a small unit to web surf / check e-mail. This thing did not disappoint. Boots up quick, loads pages surprisingly fast and has good battery life. Feels solidly built too. Not flimsly like others...

Good price. Well made. Does it's job well!

None so far.

Jan 2015

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Great tablet at low price


At this price it's great, good build quality, most apps running smooth. Everything working perfectly.

problem free!!!!

Nov 2014

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