MSI Primo 81

alaTest hat 34 Testberichte und Kundenbewertungen für MSI Primo 81 zusammengefasst und analysiert. Im Durchschnitt wurde das Produkt mit 3.4/5 bewertet, verglichen mit einer durchschnittlichen Bewertung von 4.2/5 für andere Produkte. Den Bildschirm und die Verarbeitungsqualität bewerten die Testern positiv, aber das GPS-Navigation stößt auf Kritik. Über die Zuverlässigkeit gibt es diverse Meinungen.

Preisleistungsverhältnis, Design, Leistung, Bildschirm, Verarbeitungsqualität

Batterie, Speicher, GPS-Navigation

Im Durchschnitt haben Anwender dieses Produkt mit 66/100 und Experten mit 80/100 bewertet.


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Expertenbewertung von : Hardware Secrets (

MSI Primo 81 Tablet Review


The MSI Primo 81 is an excellent option for anyone looking for a small and light low-cost tablet to browse the web, access social networks, read emails, etc.It may not have the most powerful hardware, but the high-quality screen and sturdy all-aluminum...

Apr 2014

Expertenbewertung von : KitGuru (

MSI Primo 81 (Snow White) 8in Tablet Review


4 Flares 4 Flares × Today we are going to take a look at the Primo 81 from MSI. Priced at only £138, it targets the large user base who can't afford a high end model from the likes of Samsung or Apple. The Primo 81 features a 7.8″ IPS display, the same...

Nov 2013

Expertenbewertung von : Clube do Hardware (

Teste do tablet MSI Primo 81


Ele pode não ter o hardware mais poderoso, mas a tela de alta qualidade e a construção totalmente em alumínio dão a ele uma excelente relação custo/benefício.

Mai 2014

Expertenbewertung von : (

MSI Primo 81


MSI Primo 81 è un tablet equipaggiato con sistema operativo Android 4.2 Jelly Bean , caratterizzato da un design che richiama alla mente quello del modello iPad mini prodotto da Apple. Il comparto hardware vede la presenza di un display da 7,85 pollici...

Dez 2013

Expertenbewertung von : Ferra (

Очень домашний планшет. Обзор MSI Primo 81


Если не обращать внимание на внешнее сходство с iPad mini, то перед нами добротный и пригодный для домашнего использования планшет. Если вы планируете смотреть ситкомы, читать статьи и книги, сёрфить перед сном интернет и социальные сети, то вполне...

Okt 2013

Expertenbewertung von : (

MSI Primo 81 как две капли воды похож на iPad mini


Как говорил Остап Бендер, это не Рио-де-Жанейро, — это... планшет MSI Primo 81 :) Сказать, что он похож на планшет Apple, значит не сказать ничего. С двух метров их не отличить. И хотя ребята из MSI утверждают, что дисплей имеет диагональ 7,85 дюйма, у...

Jun 2013

Kundenmeinung (

Died in less than a year


I used this tablet mainly for reading ebooks and playing some games. Now it's just a paperweight. MSI makes good motherboards and video cards, but I would recommend staying away from their tablets.

Nice looking display. I prefer the 4:3 form factor in tablets rather than the long narrow rectangular ones. Plays most games and emulators well with the exception of a few that are unusually resource-hungry and poorly optimized. Upgrade to KitKat was...

Even with 4 cores, the tablet occasionally becomes sluggish and unresponsive when it tries to do too much in the background. This can happen even when I go into Developer options and limit the number of background processes. After owning this tablet...

Jan 2016

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Came with no charge. had to charge immediately they arrive.

IPS Display, Viewing angles, Accurate Display Colors, Aluminium Body, 7.85" Display and Updatable to 4.4.2 OS

Both Cameras are useless

Jan 2015

Kundenmeinung (



Came with no charge. had to charge immediately they arrive.

IPS Display, Viewing angles, Accurate Display Colors, Aluminium Body, 7.85" Display and Updatable to 4.4.2 OS

Both Cameras are useless.

Jan 2015

Kundenmeinung (

I got a good one I think


People complaining about battery life in this tablet should realize it has a cpu and a separate gpu. A tablet this size and how slim it is, the battery does not last as long as other models. when sitting there the thing hardly sips the battery. The...

Updated to andriod 4.4 This tablet seems very awesome, fast, batter is fairly good for a tablet this size and power. I love how sleek it is. Has a separate gpu

Sound is bad, very quiet

Okt 2014

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