Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 (GameCube)

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 (GameCube)
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Mai 2019

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Expertenbewertung von : Ryu69 (jeuxvideo.fr)

Dragon Ball Z : Budokai 2


DBZ, trois lettres qui donnent du frisson à toutes les personnes de ma génération qui étaient scotchées devant leur écran chaque mercredi matin à encourager...

Proche du Manga ; Décors plus soignés ; Nombre impressionnant de personnages ; Plus maniable ; Les fusions ; La cinématique d´introduction

Absence du mode Histoire ; Les voix anglaises ; Texte à répétition

Nov 2003

Kundenmeinung (epinions.com)

If You Come to the Spencer Mansion You May Never Leave


It seems that my console buying is controlled by Resident Evil games. I first got a Playstation for the original game. I got a PS2 for Resident Evil 4, and I got a PS3 in preparation for #5. As I impatiently await #5 I thought it was high time I played...

Amazing graphics, dark and spooky, good music

Limited inventory space, clunky movement controls

Dez 2008

Kundenmeinung (epinions.com)

Survival Horror at its Best


A long time ago, on the Playstion console (now called the Playstation one by some people so they can keep the consoles straight) Resident Evil was released. It was one of the best games ever made (in my opinion of course). It nearly invented the genre ...

Graphics, Sound, Story, Replayability, everything

Action fans might have a hard time with it

Mai 2005

Kundenmeinung (epinions.com)

Evil gets an upgrade ****1/2 out of *****


Think you know evil? Well, think again. CAPCAM has taken their original foray into survival horror and overhauled it for the Gamecube. Let me be crystal clear here. While you may be familiar with the story of the original game, RE for the Gamecube is...

Amazing graphics, enhanced gameplay, extended storyline, tolerable dialog

Same old clunky controls

Mär 2005

Kundenmeinung (epinions.com)

Resident Evil


I first played this game at a friends house on the Sony Playstation and thought that it looked pr ...

The graphics, sound, scare factor and replay value are all amazing

The controls are really the only con I can think of

Aug 2003

Kundenmeinung (epinions.com)

A Great REmake.


Resident Evil*- Since the Resident Evil series has started on the original Playstation we have seen ...

Scary, fun, many added features

Controls are tough for some

Jul 2003

Kundenmeinung (epinions.com)

Bone-Chilling, Genuinely Scary, and Vicious!


Well, let me start off by saying that Capcom should've done the same thing for Resident Evils 2, 3, ...

Scary as Hell, Fantastic Graphics, Awesome Audio

Controls are the Same

Jul 2003

Kundenmeinung (epinions.com)

A Resident Evil Veteran's Addiction


I've been playing Resident Evil since it first cane out, the funny thing is; the game has a 'M' rating (which means you should be at least 17 to play this game) and now after about 6.5 (or whenever the original RE1 came out) years of playing I'm still...

It's better than the original

some of those scary monsters

Apr 2003

Kundenmeinung (epinions.com)

A sight for gore eyes!


Outstanding visuals. Magnificent gameplay. It will scare you rigid

Control system can be a tad fiddly at times. Awful voice acting. Extremely hard

Apr 2003

Kundenmeinung (epinions.com)

It Looks Outstanding, But How Does It Play?


Resident Evil is a bit of a suprise in some ways. First off, the series is GCN exclusive for some time, due to a deal between Nintendo and Capcom back in 2001. Second, instead of just a mere port of the most recent RE, which was Code Veronica X on the...

Excellent graphics and great sound. New elements added not found in the PS1 original

The controls are still the same

Mär 2003

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