Corsair CSSD-R120GB2-BRKT

Corsair CSSD-R120GB2-BRKT
alaScore 82

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Dez 2018

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Died 2 weeks later


Drive worked great for the 2 weeks it worked. Benchmarks were right around advertised. Win7 and other programs loaded extremely fast

Computer didn't recognize the drive after a restart

Jun 2010

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Must have got lucky


I don't write too many reviews, and I don't downplay the negative experience of others, but after seeing the run of negative reviews I had to throw out my own data point: the product has worked out of the box from day one and not given me any trouble...

SPEED! It's fast, lightweight, and has a small profile. TRIM support, it's been reliable

Bleeding edge always costs more, and the tech advances make it feel archaic within a year

Jun 2010

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My Corsair SSD Story


If I could do it over again, I would have never purchased the SSD drives from Corsair. There are much better drives available for the same $$. The Corsair Drives never meet minimum spec spec for read or write and seldom functions without issue for...

I got theses in a round about way from New Egg through Corsair RMA. I can say Corsair does attempt to correct problems and their customer service is ok but painfully slow. Ok, that's the good

I started with R60 SSD drives (4 of them). Attempted Raid 0 and got nowhere. Constant broken or failed arrays or BSOD. So after working with Corsair service we dediced that 2 R120 drives would be the best bet. Well, that helped a little but I still...

Mai 2010

Kundenmeinung (

Waste of Time/Money


MY negative comments on this SSD are NOT a reflection on Newegg. Newegg still remains the ONLY place to purchase computer hardware.

None... guess it could be a paperweight.. too light though

Where does one start, like other users only saw 1/2 the drive.. RMA'd to Corsair.. that took forever.. second one arrived... it seemed dead.. called Corsair for tech support... we managed to see the drive.. then format it. Tried to use Acronis on the...

Mai 2010

Kundenmeinung (

Horrible SSD


I have no pros for this drive

Horrible experience. Windows 7 does not reconize... format happens then when you power off.. it never comes back.. I AM BEYOND my 1 month on newegg because Corsair said to ship it to them... I CANNOT use this drive.. I would NOT RECOMMEND this SSD to...

Mai 2010

Kundenmeinung (

Meh some probs but I fixed em sorta


If I could do it over again I would buy another drive but when I ordered this thier were no comments on here and the price was great. When the price drops I will probably get another one and go raid 0 for more speed. Oh and I have Windows 7 64 btw with...

Works stable. Fast for the money

The drive was really flakey to install. Just weird things in the bios had to be adjusted ; Says reads up to 250MB/s but I can't get past 200MB/s. I had to format windows about 5 times before I noticed the problems. Sometimes I get this errror saying...

Apr 2010

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Worse than DOA



Drive acted somewhat flaky right from the start. Installed Win7. System would sometimes not find drive at boot. It always showed up on reboot. Figured it was just an annoyance. After a week or so things started going wrong. At first I blamed it on some...

Apr 2010

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Over all Available SPace


See Below

Not sure if I did something wrong.. I built a 64 bit Win 7 computer.. had the SSD installed.. Windows saw it.. but when I checked the size of the drive.. it only showed 57 gigs... with 32 gigs all ready used... have an email in to Corsair.. hope its an...

Apr 2010

Kundenmeinung (

Bought 2 1 has gone bad


super fast and quiet

One has already died 25 days in. I wish I could blame something else for the issue but it seems to be the drive

Apr 2010

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Not Bad


I use linux and TRIM support is in kernel 2.6.33 but no major distros have that kernel by default right now. Not sure if it was worth the money with out vendor support or software support yet will update in year to let you know.

It is fast. Makes boot times very nice. I have one in older laptop and one in my desktop

According to corsair's website these drives were released early. Support and firmware upgrades were not available when I tried to install them

Mär 2010