Conair Weight Watchers Digital Glass Scale #WW42D WW42R

Conair Weight Watchers Digital Glass Scale #WW42D WW42R
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Jan 2020

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Kundenmeinung (

Works right on


We have been using this scale for a few weeks now and it's pretty spot on with weight measurements. I'm pregnant and trying to keep track of my weight gain and it work effectively for the little bit I've gain and lost due to extreme morning sickness

Accurate; Clear Display; Lightweight

Nov 2018

Kundenmeinung (



I LOVE THIS SCALE. It's so easy to use and you can save your weight and 4 people can save theirs.

Accurate; Attractive Design; Clear Display; Lightweight; Useful Features

No cons

Okt 2016

Kundenmeinung (

Nice scale for the price, but can fluctuate so watch out


Overall, I like the features that this scale has, especially for the price of it. It is durable, fairly stylish and easy to read your weight. It also seemed to work whether you were standing on carpet or on tile or lineolium. It is a nice product to...

Jul 2014

Kundenmeinung (

Conair Weight Watchers Digital Glass Bathroom Scale


I really like this scale but it must be cleaned quite often due to the fact it's glass and prints are everywhere. For the cost, it's a great buy. Performance The scale is pretty much spot on all of the time. It weighs down to the tenth of a pound so...

Jan 2014

Kundenmeinung (

Great design and accurate scale


I wanted a stylish looking scale that would match the design of my bathroom. This scale caught my eye because of the sleek glass surface and metallic touches. It looks great in my bathroom. It is super easy to use, I just step on it and it detects the...

Jan 2014

Kundenmeinung (

A very accurate scale.


This is a very handy scale to have around and extremely accurate. I have compared it numerous times to the weight taken at a doctors office and it is always right on the mark. it is also really cool looking in my bathroom, I love the design! The price...

Dez 2013

Kundenmeinung (

i'm very happy with it


We have had this scale for a little over a year now, and I'm very pleased with it. It gives consistent readings and is accurate, and is easy to use. It looks nice too, which sounds funny since it is a scale, but i appreciate that it is so nice looking....

Dez 2013

Kundenmeinung (

Conair Weight Watchers Digital Scale Great Weight Taker


I like the conair products, I've always purchased them over the years. I'm so happy with this scale. I'm satisfied with the price, and it gives me an accurate weight. Performance Great scale. Love the glass, and digital aspects of it. Durability Strong...

Dez 2013

Kundenmeinung (

Conair Weight Watchers Digital Glass Scale


I love this scale. I think the design of this scale is so unique and cool. I use this glass scale so often I'm surprised it hasn't broken. The scale is still very accurate and extremely durable. The overall performance of this scale is superb. Worth...

Nov 2013

Kundenmeinung (

ConAir weight scale Model CN2010


I bought my scale 2 weeks ago from BIG LOTS. It was quite appealing to the eye in design and the price wasn't too bad. I stepped on the scale and recorded my weight to be 194.6 an hour before showing up to my annual Dr.'s appt. Once on the Dr.'s...

Apr 2013

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