Kodak RFS 3600

Kodak RFS 3600
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Dez 2018

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Expertenbewertung von : Bruce Fraser (creativepro.com)

Kodak RFS 3600: Film Scanner With a Split Personality


The Kodak Professional RFS 3600 Film Scanner isn't at all bad, but it gives the impression of being a work in progress that's still trying to figure out what it wants to be when it grows up. The schizoid appearance it presents to the world is mainly...

Kodak claims a dynamic range of 3.6 for the RFS 3600. This seems distinctly conservative -- we were able to obtain very satisfactory shadow detail on slides, and on color negative scans the Kodak scanner actually produced less noise in the highlights...

Nov 2001

Expertenbewertung von : Simon Eccles (digitalartsonline.co.uk)

RFS 3600


The new RFS 3600 scanner for 35mm slides and filmstrips has little in common with the 3570. It's a lot cheaper, but much slower because it uses conventional linear CCD and lamp technology. It has much better maximum resolution of 3,600dpi, a...

Kundenmeinung (photographyreview.com)

Kodak RFS 3600


It's really quite good; as long as you follow a few guidelines: - Toss the Kodak software and use Silverfast. If it didn't come with the scanner then buy it. - ALWAYS cut negatives and put into a slide mount (much better corner to corner sharpness) -...

Fast scans with Silverfast & SCSI - Good color accuracy - Easy set up

Poor film feeder/holder (use slide mount for negatives) - Scannner noise could be lower

Jun 2003

Kundenmeinung (photographyreview.com)

Kodak RFS 3600


The idea was to replace the darkroom with technology and with equal (if not better)final quality pictures. It costed me one full year of effort trying to understand and solve the problems. You can now call me a real RFS 3600 expert! I claim I know this...

It trained me alot to understand scanning problems.

SW doesn't work (especially on high quality mode, ie after 4 passes of scan), expensive.

Apr 2003

Kundenmeinung (photographyreview.com)

Kodak RFS 3600


I remember when I first bought this machine. It was new on the market, and because it was made by Kodak, people were saying that it would be a first class product. I wanted a scanner, because I was trying to reduce my use of the darkroom, and this...

Ability to scan rolls of film. Reasonably good quality results.

Poor software. Amateurish support. Slow final scans. Software updates appear to be designed to assassinate the machine!

Okt 2002

Kundenmeinung (photographyreview.com)

Kodak RFS 3600


This is a great scanner if you don''t mind the bugs and the absolute worst customer service on earth!

Super high quality scans. 100 rolls of film free.

buggie driver, scanner doesn''t show up under win2000 pro (have to do a hardware scan after boot) AWFUL twain interface. If you bought one before Nov. (which I did) you are out of luck with getting the Silverfast AI software without shelling out...

Feb 2002

Kundenmeinung (photographyreview.com)

Kodak RFS 3600


LaserSoft''s SilverFast Ai5 software is now available for this scanner and what a difference it makes. It hasn''t turned Cinderella into a Princess but it''s about as close as you can come given the inherent shortcomings of the hardware. You''ll find...

Good dynamic range of 3.6, high scanning resolution and great control of image (scan) parameters using the new SiverFast Ai5 software. SilverFast also allows greatly improved prescans and much faster final scans as compared to Kodak''s software for...

Neither SilverFast Ai nor Kodaks native software for the 3600 are stand alone programs nor do they have provision for automatically eliminating scratches, dust particles, etc. as does Applied Science''s Digital Ice and Canon''s FARE. Optical resolution...

Nov 2001

Kundenmeinung (photographyreview.com)

Kodak RFS 3600


I''ve had this unit for about two weeks, operating with a 450 mHz IBM clone processor without 2gB of free hard drive space and 128 mB of RAM. I am using a USB connection since I''ve never used the SCSI type connection. I am printing on a...

Scans up to 36 frames at once - enormously handy. Allows excellent digitally based proof sheets on 8X10 paper. Does competitive job on enlargments on grainier films to 8X12 in. Finally, since I am supposed to receive about $650 dollars worth of "free"...

Kind of noisy No trays to protect the negatives being scanned Pretty much ties up the computer processor. Not for enlargements of high resolution films

Nov 2001

Kundenmeinung (photographyreview.com)

Kodak RFS 3600


Although I frequently read reviews, I rarely right them. I''m shocked at the negative reviews this product has received. Possibly I am fortunate to get a recently produced product as most of the negative reviews have addressed software and firmware...

Resolution...Picture quality

Wish it did medium format

Okt 2001

Kundenmeinung (photographyreview.com)

Kodak RFS 3600


I would, at this point, stay away from this unit like the plague. Kodak does not seem to have any interest in solving my problem, nor do they seem interested in fixing the software. If the software was fixed, or Vuescan support was implimented, and...

When it's working, it can be a decent film scanner with good color fedelity, but see weaknesses

This scanner has problems, and I have been plagued with them ; 1. The scanner developes dark streaks from top to bottom of the scans at random times and locations ; 2. The scan quality of film at the edges is unacceptablty soft ; 3. The software is a...

Aug 2001