Keyscan KS810P

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Very good & useful


I don’t scan every day and will never put a scanner on my desk but…. With this product, I can do it since it doesn’t take any extra space, I love it, and I also started scanning since it became so easy now ; From time to time I need to scan extra-long...

follow the installation instructions, make sure you connect to USB2 which is also set to USB2 mode, when I first installed on my DELL it was failing every few scans until the keyscan support check and found out that my DELL's USB2 port is actually...

Apr 2014

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KeyScan KS810-P


My wife loves its and it takes up no extra space

Works as advertised, software and Macros are a nice compliment to the scanner/keyboard

The only thing is you sort of have to help the paper feed when you start a scan. keep in mind this is not a high volume scanner

Jan 2012

Kundenmeinung (

good for certain things


Good for scanning ID cards and the like. Good for short documents that need to be filed in different places. Love the fact that it takes up NO space

Don't buy this if you have photos or a large volume of documents. I have four of them and had mechanical problems with two of them after about a year, but I would buy them again for their compactness and convenience in a busy front desk situation such...

Dez 2011

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Thumbs Up!


GREAT - Key and Scan to Google Docs. Recently installed KeyScan to Google Docs new software.Now I scan what I need, when needed and always, from wherever I am - I find it organized and backed up! Simple & EASY!!

Nov 2011

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Download updated software first!


The updated software must be downloaded from the manufacturer's web page. The software that comes with the unit is out dated, as if often the case with new hardware.

Great idea for my genealogy road trips to courthouses and funeral houmes

The white balace/calibrate you must open the interface manually and calibrate with a black sheet of white paper. The no-touch option will crah during calibration attempts. You must have extra power to supply the scanner (power supply included). It...

Feb 2011

Kundenmeinung (

Just Okay


the installation was just a little bit more difficult than I thought. You must follow the instructions to a T when installing. After that everything works smoothly. The softer was a bit old-fashioned and I was expecting a little better quality. I would...

The Keyboard Worked, and that is all I can say about it. I am not a fussy customer but what else can you say about a keyboard

the scanner took paper fine. The documents came out excellent. As far as scanning pictures, out of 10 pictures five were able to be scanned in and ejected. The other five got stuck inside and had to be pulled out manually. I'm not very satisfied with...

Jan 2011

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The best tool you can dream of


You must check it, it is a nobraner for $99. Just and example how easy it is- factory default setting let you place a document to scan, it automatically start scanning, without selecting or clicking anything, and continue to produce Adobe PDF file open...

Very easy to use, staight forward, automatic scanning activates itself when you place a document for scanning, it will execute a default setting or let you select other non default function. You have the scanner just in front of you and it does not...

Be carful to follow the installation instruction, in particular install the software CD before you connect the power. I must admit, I didn't and it caused me to remove and reinstall

Okt 2010

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Awesome Product! Wow I love it!


This Device is simply amazing! I cant beleive how easy it is to scan id cards and documents without any effort. I use my KeyScan scanner every day several times a day and have never had a problem yet. I would tell anyone who is thinking about buying a...


Okt 2010

Kundenmeinung (

It's poorly


Save your money !!!!!

I can use it as a keyboard at least

It's poorly made.....doesn't scan correctly and it's to much involved. It's made for ease of's far from it

Sep 2010

Kundenmeinung (

Still early


To be used during the tax season Jan - apr 2015. I like what I have seen thus far

Dez 2014