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Grundig PVR
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Feb 2020

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PVR button on remote won't work at times, yet all the other buttons functions do, when it was working just ∞ minutes before hand, then suddenly not working. F### junk. Unit freezes up. Reboot everything yet to no avail. Never ever buy Grundig!!!!!

Jan 2015

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PVR has never recorded a show to the end, it either never records, only records 2mins of the show or more frustrating it will miss the last 10 mins of a show. Tried to return to Harvey Norman (place of purchase) however they would not accept it back...

Okt 2014

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Bag of shite


Don't bother buying this item save your money, it is useless, it freezes, hit and miss to whether it will record as programmed to. Remote is fickle as to what comand to do as just does it's own thing. Very disappointing Would not recommend to anyone...


Aug 2014

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Grundig GMVR500FV Freeview EPG


Terrible. Not fit for use. Co axial connections loose. The only way we can get a signal is to fractionally move the co axial connection a hope for the best. Freeview is a waste of time. Frequently unit freezes up requiring turning the power off to...

brand name appearance

Everthing it claims to do it does'nt

Okt 2013

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Junk at it's best


I have had both the bush and grundig HDD and they are simply not up to scratch. They cannot be relied on to operate as required. The Grundig I returned only to be replaced with a refurbished unit (Somebody else's unit refurbished) and a three month...

I liked the concept

You can't rely on it to work

Sep 2013

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Useless junk


Problems with failure to work at all, returned from repair as not defective! Same issue, returned and replaced with a filthy remote and note to say warranty to expire as per original. Continued problems since, fails to record shows despite the record...

The box it came in.

Also has poor placement remote buttons, difficult to play again after fast forward.

Jul 2013

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Grundig freeview PVR


Without a doubt this is the worst piece of technology we have ever bought. Have had problems right from the word go. Just does not work and freezes continually. Would not recommend anybody spend good money on this rubbish product. No point in going...

just does not work

Jul 2013

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Technology Trash


Had this Grundig unit now for over 12 months, recommended by Dick Smith employee as the best for the price?? Right from the get go had problems, locking up, cannot stop recordings, EPG won't come-up. Back to DS and was told, "there is nothing they can...

Lack of support by retailer and Grundig. Does not perform as advertised.

Jun 2013

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What a wreck


I have had this pvr since software version 32. After upgrading to 41 the main issue was loosing recordings after selecting from the EPG. After version 51 upgrade, the EPG now fails to display. I will erase the HDD and if the unit continues to not show...

Features specified were attractive.

Problematic and software updates introduced new issues. Quality control serverly lacking.

Jun 2013

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Poor quality equipment


I purchased a GDVR501FV from Dick Smith on 18 July 2011 -cost $299. I thought I was paying a premium price for premium equipment. It gave trouble from the start. When I complained I was given a firmware upgrade. I upgraded again to VO 45 in October...

Totally unreliable.

Jun 2013