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Great alternative to a Microsoft laptop or tablet


I love being free from Microsoft and all their stupid OS upgrades, patches, malware and virsuses.

This Chromebook has a beautiful display, is lite weight and compact. The keyboard is very responsive and the battery life lasts a very long time on a single charge. A great value for $300.

I occasionally have an issue connecting to the WIFI at my gym with this device. I get a "Network is out of range" error. Sometimes it works... sometimes it doesn't. Not sure why. My Laptop and Android device never have this problem with the gyms WIFI.

Apr 2016

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nice CB, but lacks good mail app


I have yet to install Linux using crouton. Supposedly one can run Linux in a Chrome window with no need to switch back and forth between Linux and Chrome-OS. That would be sweet, and also solve the e-mail issue.

* light * good battery (~9h) * very good screen * nice and responsive trackpad * quite sturdy case, good keyboard * HDMI out drives hi-res monitors/TVs * good value for the money

* the only decent CB mail app that supports IMAP (cloudmagic) does not install, claiming it is not compatible. This may be a temporary issue and not be specific to the Toshiba CB, but it makes the CB much less useful as a laptop replacement. Not an...

Nov 2015

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Great inexpensive laptop that my son will take with him to college. This is a better option than an Apple - if it get dropped, stolen, spilled on, we can easily replace it - unlike to $1k + Apples. Looking forward to the next version with improved...

1. Great Value 2. Good build Quality 3. Key board and track pad work well and have good feedback 4. Great Screen 5. HDMI projection works well, but not enough video horse power to push full 1080p to 60 inch wide screen 6. Good battery life 7. Chrome OS...

1. Video buffering at full screen, max resolution

Jun 2015

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Good school laptop


This chromebook works good for my kids online homework needs. Only problem is that it does not connect to my eprinter even though it list the printer is compatible,

Mär 2016

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Functional even without Word


I bought this with the idea of having something extremely light weight and fast. I was going to use it to supplement my office system that uses Word. I found out Chrome books do not use Word. I found I didn't care. The Chrome word processing program...

Mär 2016

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I purchased this Chromebook about a week ago. I have had a MacBook (Pro and Air) for the past seven years, only briefly (5 days) switching to Windows and then back to Mac. More and more of my work is being done online and I started to use Chrome and...

Mär 2016

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Great notebook for college


Hi this notebook weights like a butterfly also it is so easy to use and feel all my needs when I need tof do works in college.

Mär 2016

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Nice Chromebook


I bought this based on a CNET review that rated it the best Chromebook for the price. The screen is full HD and is quite excellent. Very crisp. I liked that this one has 4 Gb of ram as opposed to 2 in a lot of the others. I have an HP 14" Chromebook...

Mär 2016

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Fantastic battery life - great machine for writing


My main reason for purchasing a Chromebook was that I wanted a machine where I could write (and research) with limited distractions. With ChromeOS, you can't run much software (although you can do anything you can do with the Chrome browser), which I...

Feb 2016

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Pretty fast and great for browsing


I like this laptop because it's great for browsing the web. Also, the battery life is amazing

Feb 2016