MSI Prestige PE70 6QE

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Leistung, Bedienbarkeit, Tastatur, Größe, Touchpad

Bildschirm, Batterie, Bildqualität, Verarbeitungsqualität

Im Durchschnitt haben Anwender dieses Produkt mit 84/100 und Experten mit 80/100 bewertet.


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Expertenbewertung von : Allen Ngo (

MSI PE70 6QE Prestige iBuyPower Edition Notebook Review


business-class gaming. We take our second look at the PE70 to see how well the Prestige series is branching off from its gaming G series roots. Unfortunately, not much has changed.

lightweight and small for a 17.3-inch multimedia notebook, relatively low core temperatures under stress, comfortable touchpad and keyboard, USB Type-C Gen. 2 port, good speaker quality, easy serviceability

unable to maintain maximum CPU Turbo Boost, loud system noise; fans tend to pulsate, light-moderate backlight bleeding, relatively short battery life, few expandability options, dim display backlight, no NVMe upgrade, weak display lid

Like its smaller PE60 and PX60 siblings, the PE70 Prestige will need to offer more than just a quick paint job to separate itself from the already established GE62 and GE72 series. At its current state, the Prestige series feels unnecessary unless if...

Expertenbewertung von : Allen Ngo (

Kort testrapport MSI PE70 6QE Prestige iBuyPower Edition Notebook


Zakelijk gamen. We werpen een tweede blik op de PE70 om te zien hoe goed de Prestige serie loskomt van de gaming G serie. Helaas is niet veel veranderd.

Licht en klein voor een 17,3 inch multimedia notebook, Relatief lage temperaturen onder belasting, Comfortabel toetsenbord en touchpad, USB Type-C Gen.2 poort, Goede geluidskwaliteit, Eenvoudig onderhoud

Niet in staat om maximale CPU Turbo te gebruiken, Systeemgeluid: ventilatoren pulseren, Beeldscherm bleeding, Relatief korte looptijden, Weinig uitbreidingsmogelijkheden, Lage helderheid, Geen NVMe upgrade, Zwakke beeldschermrand

Mai 2016

Expertenbewertung von : Allen Ngo (

Recensione breve del portatile MSI PE70 6QE Prestige iBuyPower Edition Notebook Review


business-class gaming. Diamo un secondo sguardo al PE70 per vedere come si comporta il Prestige G series. Sfortunatamente, non è cambiato molto.

piccolo e leggero per essere un portatile multimedia da 17.3", temperature relativamente basse sotto stress, touchpad e keyboard comode, porta USB Type-C Gen. 2, buona qualità della cassa, facile manutenzione

non mantiene il turbo boost massimo della CPU, rumoroso, la ventola tende a pulsare, retroilluminazione non omogenea, autonomia relativamente breve, poche opzioni di espansione, retroilluminazione del displau, nessun upgrade NVMe, cover del display debole

Expertenbewertung von : Allen Ngo (

Kısa inceleme: MSI PE70 6QE Prestige iBuyPower Edition


İş sınıfı oyuncu. PE70 modeline ikinci kez bakıp G serisi temelinden nasıl ayrıştığına bakıyoruz. Ancak malesef fazla bir şey değişmemiş.

17.3 inçlik bir cihaz için hafif ve küçük; Stress altında düşük sayılabilecek sıcaklıklar; Kullanımı rahat klavye ve touchpad; Yüksek sRGB kapsamı; USB Typce-C Gen. 2; İyi hoparlör kalitesi; Kolay bakım

Maksimum işlemci Turbo Boost korunamıyor; Yüksek sistem sesi; Ekran aydınlatma kaybı; Kısa sayılacak batarya ömrü; Çok az genişletme seçeneği; Karanlık ekran arka aydınlatma; NVMe güncellemesi yok; Zayıf ekran kapağı

Mai 2016

Expertenbewertung von : Allen Ngo ( )

Breve análisis del MSI PE70 6QE Prestige iBuyPower Edition


Jugón clase business. Echamos un segundo vistazo al PE70 para ver qué tan bien está bifurcándose la serie Prestige de las raíces de su serie de juego G. Por desgracia, no ha cambiado mucho.

ligero y pesado para un portátil multimedia de 17.3"; temperaturas internas relativamente bajas bajo estrés; touchpad y teclado cómodos; USB Type-C Gen. 2; buena calidad de altavoces; mantenimiento sencillo

incapaz de mantener Turbo Boost de CPU al máximo; sistema ruidoso; los ventiladores tienden a pulsar; moderado sangrado de pantalla; aguante de batería relativamente corto; pocas opciones de ampliación; retroiluminación de display atenuada; sin mejora...

Kundenmeinung (

Great Product for the Price, With Minor Software Issues


I'd give it a 3.5 but since I can't, I'll round it up to 4. It's a great value for the price, I'd recommend it if you want something portable and stylish, that's also good for medium-high settings gaming. Most issues can be solved with external...

Good looking screen Love the aluminum chassis backlit keyboard is nice I do like the precalibrated screen settings in the true tone software this laptop is silent, but if you need it there is a fan boost button to cool things down fast Speaker quality...

Many of the drivers came outdated, and I had to seek out the most recent one Bloatware, wasn't a ton compared to other laptops I suppose, mostly just a lot of utilities or antivirus' I'll never use/need Trackpad can be somewhat intermittent and...

Mai 2016

Kundenmeinung (

Not impressed-Slow at OOB


The rest is good, however the cons are huge for me and a dealbreaker. As of now, i'm at the verge of taking it back. Too slow for my taste. Once this update is complete, i'll report back, hopefully it speeds up. i keep hearing others were satisfied...

-big screen (non glossy too) -tactile feedback it great on mine -no sharp edges! comfortable when typing -On paper, it has high end specs

-slow slow slow slow! when OOB i updated windows once (came out with Win10 by the way) while installing a Network program and Office. Restart. Booted up (about an avg time of a comp), however my start menu was not responding. Delayed response times....

Mai 2016

Kundenmeinung (

Warrenty sticker


I just ordered this laptop and was concerned about the reviews stating that the warranty sticker on the bottom prevents hardware upgrades or switch outs without voiding your warranty. I will leave more reviews specifically about this laptop when I get...

none yet

none yet

Mai 2016

Kundenmeinung (

Almost the perfect high performance laptop


If you intent to put Linux on this laptop, note that you must add "intel_idle.max_cstate=0" to the boot options. You may also need to put "nomodeset" to get around the Intel/NVIDIA combination, which currently confuses Linux. Improvements have been...

M.2 slot allows installation of NVMe SSDs such as the Samsung 950 Pro (which is BLAZING FAST!) MSI provides Windows 7 drivers for those who would rather die by firing squad than use Windows 10 Well built, I believe it could withstand some droppage...

Battery does not appear to be consumer replaceable Must void warranty to simply change RAM, 2.5" HDD, or insert something into the M.2 PCIe slot! There is a warranty sticker on one of the case screws. I want to love this laptop unconditionally, but I...

Mär 2016

Kundenmeinung (

Lacking fit and finish


The power is great, but the dead pixel is very annoying and the spacebar issue is frustrating. For the money, I would think that the laptop should be more polished. The track pad also seems to stick, but I cannot tell if that's a hardware thing, or a...

Great power

Spacebar doesnt always register strikes, especially towards the outer edge. Very irritating. Mine arrived with a dead pixel. Return policy doesn't cover it.

Feb 2016

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