Viewsonic VX2253MH-LED

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Great Monitor


Grab one of these if you can. Great stuff.

Great monitor. Excellent clarity, multiple HDMI ports, easy to configure

Was not incredibly impressed with the sound quality of the internal speakers, but it's expected

Feb 2013

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Nice Picture, Not Great Sound Quality, Very Wobbly


Also, if you are having a problem getting the 1920 x 1080 to fit on your screen, go to the "Input Select" menu on the monitor and make sure you select PC.

Like my title suggests, this monitor does have a very nice picture. You do have to have it adjusted to the best angle to really take advantage of the picture quality. If you are a little bit off, then the screen looks quite dark

The built in speakers have a lot to be desired, but that is kind of what I expected for monitor speakers. They work fine for now, but I'd definitely invest in a computer speaker system if you are using this for gaming or watching videos ; My biggest...

Jan 2013

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My two day shipping took 4 business days... Almost understandable considering the holidays. Wasnt happy seeing that they arrived in state on the 28th but werent put out for delivery until the 2nd.

I bought 2, did not have issues with either monitor (no dead pixels etc). Monitors are very thing, and having two HDMI hookups for each monitor is very nice

No DVI hookup. The sticker the manufacturer placed on the monitor peals off very poorly(this is a very minor issue, but having to clean off the glue/leftover plastic sucks, especially when the monitors look so sharp)

Jan 2013

Kundenmeinung (

Video quality is decent


The stand is my largest gripe. It is simply too cheap for the size of the monitor. We aren't using the speakers because cheap speakers that came with PCs 10 years ago sound better. Monitor quality is decent, and that's really why I bought it so I can't...

Price ; Size

Stand is flimsy ; Speakers are poor

Dez 2012

Kundenmeinung (



As a video editor, this monitor is amazing. The colors come out looking amazing. For sure, my favorite monitor ever ; Two HDMI inputs - awesome

None so far

Dez 2012

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Flimsy Junk


ViewSonic better up their game or I will not be looking at them for future monitor purchasing.


NO DVI, NO DVI, NO DVI ; Couldn't get the HDMI input to recognize the DVI-D convertor plug. The Cost Cutters at ViewSonic definitely had their way w/this monitor

Apr 2012

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Very Good Monitor


I use this monitor in my PC room as a TV, hooked to DirecTV reciever and a Patriot Box Office Media Player. Was wanting to wall mount it above my PC monitor! I own 5 LCDs and Never had a dead pixel. This is my first LED lit. Personally could care less...

No Dead Pixels ; Nice Color - After Adjusting ; Nice Black Cabinet - No Samsung ToC ; 2 HDMI

No DVI, who uses D-Sub anymore ; No VESA mount! I did not see it listed in specs, but all 4 previous LCDs had VESA mounting so I did not think nothing of it. This is my first LED LCD though, and most likely my last if no VESA mounting! Live and learn

Jan 2012

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Very Happy with this monitor 1 week in!


Comparing it to my old HP monitor This one is much better overall. Doesnt get nearly as hot, better contrast ratio and not having look at dead pixels is always a plus. Sometimes you gotta take a chance at other brands than you usually get for products....

After Coming from an HP monitor that was Good (Had alot of dead pixels though). i wasnt very sure about this brand at first but since everybody here said it came with no dead pixels i decided my next monitor purchase shall be this one. Here are the...

I Have a few problems with this though but they were easy fixs ; First one being that ; The Speakers kindve suck (but this was to be expected) ; They are good for some things and bad for others. For Video Games and Videos the Sound came out Perfect,...

Jan 2012

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It is very clear and adds to the gaming experience. Blue ray disc movies are awesome on this.

ViewSonic good. The picture is big, crystal clear, and beautiful


Jan 2012

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I've been using this monitor just over a week now, and it is irritating if I am watching something more than 30 minutes due to the streaking effect. I had it for a couple weeks sitting in the box because I had school stuff that required more time than...

Large screen, energy conscious, 2 HDMI ports + standard PC ports, easy to flip from one input to the next

Any time there is movement (somebody walking nearby or sliding chair out from under desk) there is this band of white light that passes across the screen. Also, a duplicate shadow exists that is about a mm away from actual text, and the longer the...

Sep 2011