Viewsonic Q20WB

Viewsonic Q20WB
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Aug 2020

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Still going


After 5 1/2 years still going strong, no dead pixels, no problems


Mär 2013

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I already have one, but I need more!


I never purchased my first, but mine was given to me free by my dad when I visited him last year in Las Vegas, Nevada ; So I tested it and it's awesome, but since I don't have Tower PC up and running that can occupy this cool monitor, I just dust it...

I'm unemployed, so I am limited to the money I get from my birthday and from Christmas, which is goes towards the components I need to finish only one of two of my custom-builds ; For the monitor, none so far, when I turned it on it worked great, no...

Jun 2012

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Great Monitor


I know this product is deactivated, but I wanted to put my two cents in

I have yet to have a single problem with this monitor, and I've had it four over four years (bought it in June 2007) Viewsonic has me as a customer for at least my next monitor purchase


Aug 2011

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bad caps


If you are good with a soldering iron it is easy to fix. There are 5 caps that need to be replaced, they are easily identified since they bulge. Use high quality low ESR caps. I got them from mouser for $4 total. Also, I haven't seen any issues with...

As far as image quality goes, these are very nice monitors. I use one every week day at work

They use low quality capacitors on the inverter board. Eventually the monitor just powers on, off, on, off forever and doesn't display an image. I have had to fix two of them and a third is dying

Mär 2011

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Excellent Quality


Compared to others that are rated at the same brightness, this is definitely brighter and clearer. Excellent monitor very good quality would recommend well worth the money

Not the best Vertical viewing angle but that is minor, the part I'm angry about is that they ripped me off on the mail in rebate. They said they never received the UPC that I know sent and by the time I got the letter notifying me about it was too late

Jan 2008

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Great upgrade


A must over 15", 17" or 19" LCDs. This is a sweet screen, even through d-sub hook up. I love the real estate you get on the desktop now

No DVI cable. Odd for a DVI monitor. Oh well the D-sub worked fine

Jan 2008

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ViewSonic Optiquest Series Q20WB Black 20" 5ms Widescreen LCD Monitor 300 cd/m2 1000:1


glad i took the risk buying this open box came out fine, some complained about stablility of stand but unless you plan on setting this up on a train don't worry, cod4 on 1680x1050 w/ everything looks amazing on this monitor

its simply beautiful no dead pixels thanks newegg


Jan 2008

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Great Monitor For the Price


This is not the best 20" money can buy but for the price it can't be beat.

This is a great monitor for the price. Good resolution, brightness, refresh rate etc

There is some light bleed through when displaying dark images/environmets

Dez 2007

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Simply the best for your money.

I looked long and hard for a monitor that got all the bang for my budget and this was it. All of the ones newegg had on sale where way out of my price range, or offered a big screen that sacraficed quality for inches

It takes a little while to come out of sleep mode when you hit the mouse

Dez 2007

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Dead Pixel


Nice monitor, crisp clear picture. Stand is adequate no stability issues

While I only have one dead Pixel it is in the dead center of the screen. Very annoying

Dez 2007

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