ViewSonic Optiquest Q9b 19" LCD Monitor

ViewSonic Optiquest Q9b 19" LCD Monitor
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Sep 2019

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Still going strong after 2 years


I've been reading the reviews by folks who've had failures after a year. Maybe mine was made better because it's a year older than theirs?

Great colour, no dead/stuck pixels. Didn't ever try the speakers, so I can't comment on that. I don't do gaming, but it's been great for casual web / word processing / spreadsheet type work

Limited tilt adjustment, integrated monitor cable

Mär 2008

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Attention: Do not buy this monitor


Attention: Do not buy this monitor

After one year I bought the monitor, the monitor can not display normally. The screen is masked by lines. When I bought the monitor, it is said that the warranty is three(3) years. But now Viewsoinc says that the warranty is only one year. In fact, on...

Attention: Do not buy this monitor

Mär 2008

Kundenmeinung (

Buyer Beware!


I was among the chorus singing the praises of this monitor until the weekend before Christmas when the monitor died. It started making a weird, warbling electronic hum as the computer started. The image would flicker and dim and finally just went...

cost, doesn't smell like cheese

poor value, short lifespan, lousy customer service

Feb 2008

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Lights out


Excellent monitor, never had any problems with it outside of the odd blank pixel which would go back to normal if you flicked the spot lightly. However

LCD's must have a half-life of a year and a half. Tonight it started flickering, onboard volume on it went wonky (it's not even attached to sound) and then pop ... lights out. Had it for a year and 5 months and we just had to order a new monitor. We...

Feb 2008

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Pretty nice.


Optiquest are the low end of ViewSonic but they are still great quality at a lower price.

Pretty good monitor

he speakers suck, but i didn't buy it for the speakers

Jan 2008

Kundenmeinung (

No tilt


Nice monitor

Monitor feels like it is tilted slightly downwards so you need a little stand for it

Dez 2007

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Great Monitor


Had this monitor for over a year now and the price seems to be the same. Optiquest is the basic modle for VS monitors and get what you pay for. If you don't top of the line monitor this is a great buy.

Great basic monitor to fit just about any need

Could be better for 3D games. Lacks DVI. Speakers are not good at all

Sep 2007

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Great monitor...or is it?


I really liked this monitor at first, but now I'd never buy another. I've had CRT monitors that have lasted 10 times longer than this one. No more Optiquest for me and since the customer service at Viewsonic wasn't exactly enthusiastic about their...

It started out being a decent monitor for the price ; The picture was clear. The colors were bright. There were no dead pixles

The 1 year after purchase mark was last month... For the last few times I've turned on the comp, the monitor would make static sounds for a few minutes, then stop. Yesterday, the same thing but the noise didn't go away and the back light faded to black...

Aug 2007

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Disappointed by Viewsonic support


The price was right.

I bought 2 of these monitors and after 3 months one had an issue.

Jul 2007

Kundenmeinung (



i have dual monitor setup with both of these monitors and i love the picture quality

the secondary monitor one day randomly had 4 whole lines of dead pixels that went from top to bottom

Jun 2007

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