Sceptre X22WG-Gamer

Sceptre X22WG-Gamer
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Sep 2019

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I've had this monitor for 7 years now and am still using it as I type this review. No problems ever! You would never think so with the brand, I'm shocked. I didn't realize how long I've been using it until I looked through my account history. A great...

Absolutely None

Jan 2014

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Still going strong!


Still looking and performing as good as when they first arrived! Can't ask for anything more. Used with an HDMI switch to watch my DirecTV when I wasn't working on my PC until I bought an HDTV a couple years ago

Speakers absolutely suck but are better than nothing. Can't take anything away for that

Sep 2012

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Beautiful and has served me well for 4 years.


It was one of the best tech purchases I ever made.

I bought it in September of 2008. I have used it daily, for many hours (used for school/work/gaming). I will continue to use it until it dies. I found a deal on a 23 inch monitor and now I'm using both

Never had any problems with it. No dead pixels, it's worked perfectly

Mai 2012

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HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVER.. (of lack there of)

flat screen

After about 1-2 mths it started getting green pixilation all over the screen. thought it could not be my monitor as it was NEW!!! changes my Motherboard, my RAM, my Processor.. and thought it had to be my video card... NOPE replaced that too with a...

Okt 2011

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did I say it was a $219... PIECE OF GARBAGE?........... yup!

big screen, skinny presentation

This monitor is a PIECE OF GARBAGE. Turns green frequently after only having it for about 6 mth. Tried to get SCEPTRE to take it back and replace it. nothing but hassles. NEVER BUY SCEPTRE. as I said.......... its a PIECE OF GARBAGE

Dez 2010

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Buy anything else


I own Samsung as well as Viewsonic LCD monitors and they have never been a problem. I would encourage those of you thinking of purchasing a Scepter product to pay attention to this and other reviews. When someone reviews a product they just received it...

Large screen, clear display

Soon after setting up my brand new system the monitor glitched and took out my video card. At least this is what I assume from reading other reiviews. I Replaced the video card and everything was fine until last week. I shut down my computer and when I...

Mai 2009

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Great monitor!


I got mine back when this model was 1080P and I've had no problems with it what so ever. This monitor offers you vibrant, rich colors, true blacks, and amazing response time for only 189.99. It truly is a steal, and i would advise anyone to hop this...

Recently however the Backlight bulb went out. but i'm ordering a new one to replace it. It was a little upsetting at first, but it is a simple fix and it happens from time to time. That doesn't change the fact that it is still a great monitor ; on a...

Mai 2009

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I believe that this is the updated version, I'm almost positive that mine is a 1080i monitor, not 1080p.

PRICE ; Absolutely no dead pixels after over a year of extended daily use ; DVI and VGA are both great for me ; Fast response time ; Large size ; Clean look (Buttons on the back make it nice to look at) with a small border ; Lightweight ; I could go on...

Speakers are sub-par but who buys a monitor for it's speakers ; No DVI cable ; Not adjustable

Mär 2009

Kundenmeinung (

It's good, but...


NewEgg has been great.

Great picture, very vivid... multiple inputs. Decent speakers. Good first

2 out of 4 purchased for customers have now died in less than 2 years, and mfg warranty is only 1 year, compared to other companies' 3-year warranty ; It's a large investment to have to replace that often ; Given the price to longevity ratio, a monitor...

Mär 2009

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great monitor,no ghosting,no dead pixels

no dvi cable,took along time to set color.once set looks set up disk

Feb 2009

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