Samsung SyncMaster 920WM

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Be aware of Samsung warranty policies



Samsung has only 2 service centers for their monitors in the U.S. If you don't live near one, you must send them the monitor for repair. They will *not* send you parts under the warranty ; A common problem with their monitors is the on-screen menu...

Mai 2009

Kundenmeinung (

good while it last


Again this might not be a problem with current production displays. But if it was my money, I would and will be going with a different brand

First This may and may not be related to this unit. I have the 920 BM. Actually several units. So, I do not know if the WM is an improvement on the 920 series and what I am about to say might be mute by now ; Otherwise the monitor is a good display,...

I am a electronics / electrician for a large company and maintain computer systems on production machines. Recently there has been a rash of LCD montiors failing. To try to determine what is causeing the units to fail, I open one up. Found a cap all...

Mai 2009

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Great Monitor for cheap


Stand is easy to install and breakdown for transport.

Great display, great features, Samsung quality, no dead pixels

Speakers are weak and a pain to control, at least theres a headphone jack

Jan 2009

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Sleek design. Very nice looking unit. I cannot find one single dead pixel anywhere. Low price. Good looking picture

It is not 46" :-p

Jan 2009

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SAMSUNG 920WM Black 19" 5ms Widescreen LCD Monitor 250 cd/m2 700:1 Built-in Speakers


Great monitor... Got it when it was 50 bucks off.. What can beat that

Nothing as of yet.. Haven't tried the on board speakers

Jan 2009

Kundenmeinung (

Great value!


I wanted to go bigger and get a 22" display but found this to be a better overall deal. you cant beat samsung IMO

Great size monitor for the price, no dead/stuck pixles which is always a worry when buying LCD's online

default resolution/settings are way off but after playing with them a minute they are fine, more annoying than anything but no other cons as of yet

Jan 2009

Kundenmeinung (

Fantastic monitor- requires setup


Ordered yesterday at noon, got here today at 4 PM. Superb shipping time. I'd recommend this- unless you want that tilt down functionality or better res.

Fantastic picture quality once adjusted. No dead pixels. 1440x900. Built in speakers (dubious value but it's there if you want). Nice and big. Wide viewing angle. Fast and easy setup. Package packed nicely, and came apart fast, with no tape or seals to...

The original picture when I first turned it on was AWFUL- blurry, washed out bright, and ugly. Adjusting the settings significantly made it look a million times better. Adjusted Brightness and Contrast from 80 each to 65 and 30 respectively, and...

Okt 2008

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Great Monitor/ Quick Shipping


I have a PC hooked up via VGA, and my Macbook hooked up via DVI, all I do is push the source button and can switch back and forth between the two machines.

Really nice monitor, came with both VGA and DVI cables. No pixel issues, and shipped quick even with 3-day shipping, arrived within 24 hours of ordering, I love newegg


Sep 2008

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Good LCD!


Samsung does a great job on their displays, keep it up.

I looked a long time for a LCD and this is the one I chose and I don't regret it. Great display with great color and brightness. Built-in speakers are a great addon but they don't put out high quality sound but I use the headphone port the side anyways

The only con I have is mine come with a light green stuck pixel close to the center of the screen

Apr 2008

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Value for money


This monitor has a great experience in resolution. While gaming we can find out a large accurate motion pictures that displays a real experience. As this has a wide display, this enable you to view the better movie experience. As this has a liquid...

Slim, Flat.


Dez 2008

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