Samsung SyncMaster 906BW

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Samsung SyncMaster 906BW


The 906BW is a stylish monitor that delivers decent performance. Gameplay wasn't as smooth as we'd like, however, despite the 2ms response time.

Stylish design; fast 2ms pixel-response rate; good readability with small text

No DVI cable included; slightly disap- pointing gaming performance

Double your display real estate by adding a second monitor. It's a snap: Here's how

Jan 2007

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I have my display settings on custom, with 50 brightness and 50 contrast.

No dead pixels. After hooking up a DVI cable, and running Adobe Gamma, the display is a perfect balance. Matte screen, not one of the annoying glossy ones. No problems with response. The frame looks very nice, especially with my nice glossy white speakers

Don't be fooled by the "2000:1" contrast ratio. That's using dynamic contrast. Meaning if it's displaying something dark, it dims, and if it's displaying something bright, it brightens. That's not contrast at all... The actual contrast is something...

Jul 2008

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I have had this monitor for almost a year and will be purchasing a 2nd when I get my new dual-DVI video card to allow for a dual-screen display. I use it for my computer (web browsing, some gaming, Premiere Pro CS3 editing, etc.) and for playing my...

Looks great! Having both VGA and DVI inputs allows me to connect my computer (DVI) and Xbox360 (VGA) at the same time without switching cables out

There is a plastic back that is used to hide the wires where they connect but mine would never stay on, so I simply just don't use it anymore

Jul 2008

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SAMSUNG 906BW Black-Silver 19" 2 ms (GTG) Widescreen LCD Monitor 300 cd/m2 2000:1 DC


Had it working with onboard video (VGA), ATI x1300 (DVI), and GeForce 8400GS (DVI). Quality is excellent. No dead pixels.

Works grate, bright and all

Can't rotate screen over horizontal axis

Apr 2008

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SAMSUNG 906BW Black-Silver 19" 2 ms (GTG) Widescreen LCD Monitor 300 cd/m2 2000:1 DC


running 2 xfx 8800 gts 512 , amd x2 50000, 4 gbs ram. if your still using a crt 17 inch or any crt, toss it for a lcd, i noticed a extremely big difference when i got my first one of these.

i bought this monitor when it first came out from another company and i loved it the second i opened the box it looks great! now i just bought a second one from newegg. its a little different.. its bit brighter and the text around it, is darker then...

i should of went with 2 21 or 22 only looking at a 17 inch but with width to make it a 19 inch total

Apr 2008

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great product


Newegg is fast, and offers great prices. Only down side was for this product they didn't rebox before shipping. They covered the upc label with a shipping label. I needed it for the rebate. That's going to cost me $20.

great product, quite simply plug and play. No bad pixels

none so far

Apr 2008

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Terrible Ghosting


I've had this monitor for 8 months. I don't think the ghosting is caused by the 2ms response time but the Dynamic Contrast. Also the ghosting isn't just in games, it happens when I move windows around my desktop like word, and Mozilla.

It looks sleek. It's widescreen

Didn't include a DVI cable. I initially had a terrible problem with the monitor not displaying the correct resolution and refresh rate that I specified on my graphics card (Evga 8800 gts). That eventually fixed itself. But what is the most abysmal...

Feb 2008

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No Dead Pixels


These are easily the best LCD screens I've ever had the chance to use for an extended period. They were the best match to my criteria. I switched to these screens from a quality pair of 22'' inch component-in CRTs manufactured in their heyday (early...

Purchased two screens, no stuck or dead pixels ; Excellent brightness and contrast (almost painful, actually) ; Color reproduction is accurate (they do not bias blue) ; Backlight bleed is almost never detectable. It is most apparent while watching 4:3...

These screens are more expensive than other models in their resolution and size class ; The bases they ship with only adjust through about 25 degrees of tilt ; Odd resolution, so playback of any HD video is going to include a lot of scaling with...

Feb 2008

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Samsung 19in Wide LCD


Wow, for $200 bucks you HAVE to get one!

Amazing. The quality of the picture on this monitor is unbelievable. I don't know what everyone else is referring to about the so called "flimsy stand". It is perfectly adequate. I would HIGHLY recommend this monitor. Really great


Feb 2008

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Can't go wrong with Samsung


As others have said already the monitor doesn't come with a DVI cable. You'd think a 19" widescreen and this price range would constitute the three seconds it takes to throw a DVI cable in the box but alas we are left with just the standard analog VGA...

I originally owned the Samsung 730B and had no problems with it at all. My new Samsung 906BW is no exception to the great quality that I've expected already from Samsung ; First, aesthetically this monitor is gorgeous. The trim is a glossy-plastic...

The only con I can see with this monitor is the tilt/height adjustment. As far as height adjustment goes it's non-existent as far as this monitor is concerned. Tilt adjustment isn't better either. Anyone who's not at eye level with the monitor might...

Feb 2008

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