Samsung S24B300

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Product not correct?


It is an ok monitor but the product is wrong

I purchased 2 of these monitors, one from the store and one from The one from the store is perfect the picture is crystal clear no complaints there ; So I decided to order a 2nd one to match it. I got it in the mail and the picture doesn't...

Mai 2013

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Excellent Monitor - super crisp picture


Stellar Monitor - I got mine off of Eshnay for $139 with free shipping it was refurbished - these monitors sold for $249 and $229 for the longest time - they are even I think just as good as 27" honest - a great buy here at newegg - HDMI looks...

Stand is wicked flimsey but not enought to knock it down an egg

Feb 2013

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Very Good Crisp HD Monitor


My only concerns with these are the same that I have with virtually everything produced today -- will it last? That is the unknown, and though I haven't dealt with Samsung Warranty Repair service before, if they are like most everyone else these days,...

I bought two of these within the past month and all I can say is that they are wonderfully crisp with true to life color and great resolution. I didn't use the CD that came with them, I just downloaded the latest drivers from AMD(both PC's have Radeon...

Only con was the last review I did was censored because I mentioned that they could be more competitive with their pricing on this monitor

Dez 2012

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Very bright screen. 1080p and HDMI input. No fuss, awesome picture. Although refurbished, it looks brand new. No scratches, might as well be new

None so far

Okt 2012

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Awesome, Highly Recommend.


I would highly recommend to anyone considering. I purchased two of these at Costco about a month ago and I love them. Just upgraded my GPU thanks to Newegg and considering adding a third to take full advantage of my "eyefinity"

Slim - half the depth of my old LCDs ; Great picture and color ; Easy to change settings(brightness, etc.)

Only VGA and HDMI. This isn't a huge issue, you can buy cables to adapt this, just wish DVI would have been added

Okt 2012

Kundenmeinung (



No buttons makes it seem 10x cooler. Combined with the discount from newegg this was a total steal.

Huge and cheap. Great quality and tons of different settings

None so far

Okt 2012

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Great quality but...


Great quality, beautiful image quality

I can't mount this to my wall, this is extremely irritating. Contacted Samsung support and they said the same

Sep 2012

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Great color and resolution


Very thin and light, with HDMI, great color and very bright

The base stand is not stable or well designed. The monitor can easily have its left or right shoulder higher than the other one. The back plastic case is also very flimsy. When you plug in the HDMI cable or VGA cable, it feels very soft

Sep 2012

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I did have a fun time getting this fully set up. I have a Radeon HD 6670 with an HDMI out, and when I first hooked it up the image did not fill the screen. Samsung was no help at all, they told me I had to upgrade my card LOL!! I just completely wiped...

Picked this sucker up impulsively at Costco cause it was $50 off, meaning I only payed $139!!!!! HUGE!!! Very Bright, great design. It's sleek. Max resolution is obviously 1920x1080. See other thoughts

A little bit of adjustment out of the box. But that's the fun part right

Sep 2012

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G@@gle N3xus 7


I bought these for my new N3xus 7 from A5u5 who makes the tablet for G@@gle. After getting Root acces and installing a USB "Stick"-mounting app, these OTG cables perform flawlessly with 7 different brands of USB flash sticks, both 2.0 and 3.0. They...

Affordable, Small, Functional, Full Size Spare

None to date

Sep 2012