Samsung S23A700D

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Samsung Syncmaster S23A700DSL 3D monitör


İnanılmaz parlak, net ekran + 4 farklı 3D seçeneği sunuyor (2D>3D, Frame sequential, Sağ-Sol, Üst-Alt) + Çok hafif ve ince tasarım - Ekranı sabitlemek dert olabiliyor - Kenarlarda ışık sızması var - 3D özelliği, AMD ekran kartları ile uyumsuz -...

Bu tarz bir derinliği gözlüksüz 3D ile elde etmek mümkün değil, bu yüzden tercihimi hala gözlüklü 3D modellerden yana kullanıyorum. Bu modeller arasından da bahsettiğim sorunlar sizin için dert değilse, Samsung Syncmaster S23A700DSL'yi gönül...

Jan 2013

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Spent hours researching and narrowed it down to 4 (Asus, Benq, Planar and Samsung,) then rolled the dice and pushed the order button. Got lucky and made the right choice. Was leery because it has a glossy screen and others have complained about glossy...

Nov 2012

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Get this Monitor !!!


buy! don't hesitate if you do, you'll regret not getting it.

I highly reccomend this monitor to anyone looking for a fast response time and also 120hz. speed to play high rated videos games, easy to setup out of box and controls were just as easy. Price was awesome $299.99 on sale from 399.99


Nov 2012

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Looked great but dead pixel line


NOTICE IT DOES NOT SUPPORT Nivida 3d only Radeon 3d cards

Great screen ; Looks amazing ; Extremely bright ; 120Hz gaming 2ms with 3d support

Well their is a dead pixel line on the right hand side stretching the entire length so I'M going to RMA it. Anyway only took off one star because the display was that good and things like this happen

Okt 2012

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I'm still giving this a 5 egg rating because I never purchase the monitor for 3D use. I never wanted it and I don't care that it does not work well. it's a novelty. I did buy it for 120hz gaming and it performs that role PERFECTLY. YOU CAN TELL the...

120hz bliss. If your rig can pump out the framerate you'll never ever ever ever buy a 60hz monitor again ; Crisp blur-less motion with bright colors ; Comes with a dual link DVI cable! - You need this ; No lag. No ghosting

Touch controls are cool looking, but a PITA in actual use. I long for actual buttons ; 3d, in practice, is mostly lame but the glasses are sorta cool. The software is not very good ; Pricy ; Not the best blacks

Okt 2012

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Might as well be the last review


Thanks newegg for delivering on time and in best manners

I must ahve been the last customer and yet I am not disappointed with the product ; The screen is so light and thin it is unbelievable ; The quality is great, no deal/stuck pixels. It has good color temperatures. Factory setting is great. the C that it...


Sep 2012

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Groovy Tube, Man!


Picture is fantastic. HDMI out of the ATI Radeon is great. Colors are crisp. I like it a lot ; No dead pixels, no dead screen, no dead nothing

Manual buttons for setup are a tad hard to hit, but I don't need to set this up a lot. This is a minor inconvenience to me

Aug 2012

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Best Monitor I've Ever Owned


I have been waiting a VERY long time for an affordable 120hz 2ms LED monitor and this is it! This monitor has basically everything I needed and over-exceeded my expectations. 120hz at 1080p 23" is the perfect size for competitive FPS gaming. Viewing...

Smooth gaming at 120hz and 2ms ; Eggcellent viewing angles ; Extreme contrast and gorgeous colors ; Easy to use buttons

Stand does not tilt very far ; Glossy Screen ; 3D is so so

Aug 2012

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Nice Display


120hz refresh solved my screen tearing issues. Searched for about 2 weeks trying to find the right glossy screen monitor. Glossy is rare nowadays it seems. I've have owned several Samsung products in the past, and have had zero problems. This purhcase...

120hz refresh, glossy screen, sexy sleek gloss cabinet, Samsung quality, no dead pixels. Very vivid, very bright ; 3D capable

You could say the stand is slightly flimsy, though that seem to be a trend with many monitors. One DVI-D cable included, but no HDMI cable. The black colors seem a little weak, but I countered it by reducing the brightness a little. I have to mention...

Aug 2012

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like it so much i bought another


this monitor would be hard to beat, its very nice. i wanted a 120hz monitor for gaming and this monitor was perfect! (yes i can tell the difference) the 3D imo is a sales gimmick though. i dont like the touch type buttons but thats just my personal...

Jul 2012