Planar SA2311W

Planar SA2311W
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Aug 2020

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Great Monitor!


AMD Phenom II 1100T overclocked to 4.0 gz stable 16 gigs 1866 G.Skill Ripjaw X Corsair H80 with 2 CM 120mm Sickleflow Fans Corsair AX1200 Mushkin Enhanced SSD 120 x 2 in Raid 0 320g Samsung HDD for Media Asus Crosshair V Formula MB 2 CM 120mm Sicklfow...

Full 120hz all the time unlike Asus! Looks great and responds amazing in games at 120hz. You can tell the difference big time between 120 and 60. Colors look good. Brightness is awesome. Sometimes almost to much I had to turn it down. SUPER sturdy!...

Nothing worth mentioning

Feb 2012

Kundenmeinung (

Worth every penny!


Very happy with my decision to buy this monitor, did a lot of research and there are a lot of those other monitors claiming 3D but are not 120hz, the real benefit is 120hz for video and gameplay which is why I bought this.

Immediately comparing to my other 22" monitor I noticed the much brighter display which I never knew I was missing. The color and sharpness compared to my 1680x1050 monitor is amazing ; Playing BF3 improved visual quality not only from moving to 1080p...

Monitor cord is very fat and shorter than my last one, I had to buy a longer one online ; The monitor only comes in 23" vs 27

Feb 2012

Kundenmeinung (



great monitor comes with dvi and vga cables (pretty long) very nice clear screen very bright very sturdy

Fully Adjustable ; WIDE screen 16:9 1080p if you choose ; 59hrz HD or 120hrz for 3d or smoothness ; No Bad LED's ; SUPER BRIGHT (had to turn it down without 3d)

Reflective....Make sure your light source is in front of you if you have one because if it sits in back ull notice in black parts of games ect but honestly i have all the lights on in the living room and i dont really see it unless im trying to look...

Feb 2012

Kundenmeinung (

Good but..


So beside me gettin dead pixels, this monitor is pretty rad. I'm not to concerned with the pixels, I've learned to ignore em and as long as they cause no problems in the future I'm not worried about it.

This monitor does what tis supposed to ; Looks great with nvidia 3d vision, including being bright enough to play with those dark glasses on. Images look sharper and all that other fun stuff

Ah now the one con, mine came with two dead pixels, i had ordered this monitor over an asus cause the asus one had reports of dead pixels quite often. So i thought id go with this one cause it had no reports of DP, but it happened, just bad luck of the...

Jan 2012

Kundenmeinung (

Great 120HZ NVsurround/Eyefinity Monitor


I have 3 of these in an NVSurround setup being driven by 2x 570 in SLI. It is absolutely amazing coming from a single 27" monitor. If you don't know the Planar name, then ask a graphic designer or someone doing allot of video editing and you will hear...

120HZ works like a dream, minimal cross talk. Good black levels for a TN. No ghosting, great build quality that Planar is known for. Box and shipping materials are beefy to ensure it arrives safe (ships in manufacturers box)

Color shifting on off viewing angles is noticeable but this is a TN panel so that is to be expected

Jan 2012

Kundenmeinung (

1 flaw....but a BIG one


If you are looking at this for 3D it is awesome as it will only work at 60. Otherwise, go elsewhere. Not worth the price for sub-par 120Hz performance :-( Going to RMA it.

great colors and detail

Like the guy below said; if you are looking for 120Hz for fast games...look elsewhere. Unfortunately this monitor under-performs. I bought it excitedly wanting and waiting for the 120 but the best you can do for fast games w/o lag and stutter is 60

Dez 2011

Kundenmeinung (

Go with the ViewSonic 120hz


Solid colors good quality everything is excellent except 1 thing

IT HAS INPUT LAG even with the amazing feeling of 120hz its SO ANNOYING for my FAST PACED GAMES... If your looking for ONLY 3D gaming with not so fast games go for it... if ur looking for 2D 120hz go with the ViewSonic Fuhzion or The Samsung Syncmaster...

Dez 2011

Kundenmeinung (

Worth every penny


Yet to see how well this works as a TV with HDMI but thats not the main reason i got it, thats just a added perk if that works well. If your unsure about monitors because of brands your used to like Asus, Acer or HP, Planar is very well known in the...

No Ghosting. Smooth playback. Bright, crisp screen. No dead pixels. Bought this monitor mainly for Counterstrike and Skyrim. Games look AMAZING on it with the 120hz enabled. I had no need for the 3D aspect as i own a 6950 but this future proofs my...

These cons are just a minor nuisannce but figured i would mentioned what i find annoying ; 1) The buttons for the menu are awkward to use. Found myself hitting wrong button when going through the navigation. Takes a bit getting used to ; 2) Newegg...

Nov 2011

Kundenmeinung (

Best Current 3D Gaming Monitor


If you want to read the same review that convienced me to get three of these, head over to No, I am not advertising that website (I am a verified owner of these screens). Just saying, that was the best review I've read for a 3D...

I searched for months for 120 hz 23-24" LCD 3D monitors for gaming, as I was going to get 3. The Samsung was the highest rating at the time, but when I tinkered with it at a friend's with ghosting demos, I could see it. So, i couldn't see dumping the...

The under-bezel buttons for the OSD is a bit difficult to navigate quickly (compared to my ViewSonics that they replaced, where ViewSonic had programmable quick-keys on the front. E.g. switch between VGA/DVI with a single button touch, and between...

Aug 2011

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