HannsG HZ281

HannsG HZ281
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Sep 2019

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Expertenbewertung von : Duncan Evans (techadvisor.co.uk)

Hanns-G HZ281HPB review


Once calibrated colours were a little on the warm side but showed an excellent range of tones from highlights to shadows. In terms of sharpness it's not quite as sharp as the AOC, which is a benefit for some text screens, but a disadvantage if you're...

Looking at the white screen test it’s not as good as other displays, with some yellowing along the top and right side. Its performance on black test is better than the the average screen though, with only a little lightening on the bottom right. What...

Apr 2012

Expertenbewertung von : Cliff Joseph (techadvisor.co.uk)

HannsG HZ281 review


HannsG's HZ281 is a conventional computer monitor. That's not a bad thing, though, and the HZ281 is pretty good value as a 27.5-inch screen.

The HZ281 is good value for money if you simply want a nice big screen for your laptop or Mac mini, or for watching video from an iPad or.

Sep 2011

Expertenbewertung von : Cliff Joseph (techworld.com)

HannsG HZ281 review


The sizeable 27.5in screen of the HZ281 provides good value for money for those who don't carry out precision design work

Mac Pro owners who need a precise monitor for design or editing work might want to look elsewhere, but the HZ281 is good value for money if you simply want a nice big screen for your laptop or for watching video from an iPad or Mac mini.

Mai 2011

Expertenbewertung von (macworld.co.uk)

HannsG HZ281 review


The sizeable 27.5in screen of the HZ281 provides good value for money for those who don't carry out precision design work

Mai 2011

Expertenbewertung von : Marc Fruchtman (benchmarkreviews.com)

Hanns-G HZ281HPB WideScreen LCD Monitor


In the 2D market, the video monitor is essentially the last piece of hardware in the complex conversion of computer data into visual images. LCD monitors ranging from 22 inch to 26 inch, are now affordable to most consumers. But, many of you are hungry...

Large 27.5-inch screen ; Bright and immersive LCD panel ; 1920x1200 resolution ; Glossy black frame is sturdy, tilts back ; Inputs for VGA, DVI, HDMI, and Audio ; Good menu system ; Economical price

Lacks forward Tilt, height Adjust ; Button controls are hard to use ; Speakers lack deep bass ; Pixel return policy ; Marketed as 28" monitor

The Hanns·G HZ281HPB performed spectacularly during the review process. The screen looks amazing. Its so huge that it dwarfs my 22 inch 1080p monitor. The 1920x1200 resolution really improves how I can work with various programming tools and modeling...

Dez 2010

Expertenbewertung von (itreviews.co.uk)

HANNSG - HZ281HPB monitor


Gaming computers have reached such a level of sophistication now that the only thing more important than a kick-ass desktop PC is a decent monitor to be able to show off all the graphics power on ...

HANNSG's largest PC monitor in the HZ series is big, bold, glossy and bright and for a reasonable price should provide excellent entertainment value for hardcore gamers and lovers of HD movies.

Apr 2010

Kundenmeinung (newegg.com)

Excellent Monitor


I purchased this monitor from Newegg on 7/17/2010.It has been in use every day for the past 5 years on three computers thru a KVM switch,with no problems at all.It had a three year warranty ; If and when it fails,I hope to get another as good as this...

Speakers are not very good

Aug 2015

Kundenmeinung (newegg.com)

Terrible customer service if something goes wrong


beautiful while it worked

the 3 years warranty is useless when customer service doesn't answer inquiries about the monitor ; I've sent 3 separate emails asking about the warranty as one of the two monitors I bought has red banding and color issues ; Haven't heard a word from...

Okt 2013

Kundenmeinung (newegg.com)



What I thought was funny is when the tech tried to tell me how much better the warranty was on this monitor than most other manufacturers' warranties, going on and on how they extended the warranty to 3 years where most others are only 1 year. I asked...

Worked just fine when it worked.. nice picture

Died 2 years and 1 month after purchase: screen turned white and stays white when powering up computer. At first, I thought it was my computer that was at fault, but then I hooked up an old Dell monitor that I had and that worked fine. I also tried...

Aug 2013

Kundenmeinung (newegg.com)

Awesome Monitor


I would buy another one in a hearbeat.

Never had an issue, it's been amazing


Apr 2013

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