Hanns G HannsG HL203DPB 20 Class LED Backlit Monitor - 1600 x 900, 16:9, 30000000:1 Dynamic, 5ms, DVI, VGA, Energy Star

Hanns G HannsG HL203DPB 20 Class LED Backlit Monitor - 1600 x 900, 16:9, 30000000:1 Dynamic, 5ms, DVI, VGA, Energy Star
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Sep 2019

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Kundenmeinung (newegg.com)

Decent Monitor


Its a good monitor for the price. 1600x900 max isnt too shabby and its a 720p if you run it in that resolution. I use it as a secondary so there is no real work like gaming happening on it, though I will eventually watch some videos on it while I work....

Good contrast, responsive enough

Could be cheaper, plastic base kinda tough to wiggle into place

Sep 2013

Kundenmeinung (newegg.com)

Failed Support


stay away

Good price and features

The DVI interface did not work. I pointed out the problem over a month ago. For the last 30 days I have gotten nothing but lame excuses. "The service department has moved" " I will send the shipping label right now" I am sure we can get fixed and back...

Mai 2013

Kundenmeinung (newegg.com)

Great for smokers looking for a bargain


I would buy it again, if I needed more monitors, just beware the scent of smoke if it is not something you are unaccustomed to, this may have also just been mine, but I don't think it was added in transit as the rest of my stuff smelled fine...

Cheap, fairly small, easy to set up monitor that does tilt and accept both VGA and DVI great, picture looks awesome, great deal for what I paid

Opening up the box before I got an opportunity to inspect my new hardware a lovely waft reminiscent of a 1920's pub rolled out, and the scent of cigarette smoke still lingers should I feel the need to press my nose against it. However, this was not...

Mär 2013

Kundenmeinung (newegg.com)

Works as intended, minus sound


As a monitor, it works just like you'd expect. Shows pretty pictures, looks pretty clean, games decently well. The only problems it has, is meta problems, clicking buttons, wiring it up, and using it for sound, but you'll only have to set it up once...

Good cheap monitor, wide-screen type

Buttons (power, menu, up down...etc) are very annoying to get to and hard to feel ; SOUND, is atrocious and quiet. Do not even bother using this for sound, you won't hear it, and it'll be terrible ; Didn't come with a VGA cable ; Note. IT also seems to...

Okt 2012

Kundenmeinung (newegg.com)

Good Buy


Bright monitor anti-glare screen, i enjoy the slim edges on the monitor compared to one of my AOC monitors. I bought one about 5-6 months ago as a 2nd monitor, and now i just bought 2 more, one for my mother to replace her faulty dell monitor and a 3rd...

Only had 2 Cons even though i knew that it before hand so it didn't matter to me. 1) it wasn't a 1080p monitor 2) I wish it had better buttons i press the power button sometimes but it doesn't hit and turn on/off the monitor. nothing major just press...

Sep 2012

Kundenmeinung (newegg.com)

Cheap way to go for nice dual monitor setup


Hooked up dual displays using an older Nvidia 8600GT video card and DVI connections. Colors on the two monitors matched perfectly out of the box. I knew the speakers were junk, but figured I would give them a try, using an audio signal splitter to go...

Very nice display. Bright and colorful. DVI input. Lots of display adjustment options. Couldn't beat the Labor Day special price

Really, just the audio, which seriously could not get any worse. But I knew that going into this deal. Who buys a monitor to get quality sound anyway

Sep 2012

Kundenmeinung (newegg.com)

They won't let me say


I'd return it but, it's not worth the hassle. I'll use it in my shop to replace a CRT and buy a brand that Windows 7 has known compatability with.

Sharp and crisp (with a VGA cable)

Out of the box the alignment tabs for the stand were floating around in the box.Stand itself is cheeply made with not a lot of adjustment ; Does not respond to DVI input. No matter what setting I choose, it returns to VGA. Tried all the posts for a fix...

Mai 2012

Kundenmeinung (newegg.com)

Decent Budget Monitor


Plan on using other speakers if you buy this. I would give this 3.5 eggs if I could.

VGA and DVI inputs. LED backlight. 1600x900 native resolution. It seems to handle other 16x9 resolutions well. Moving objects look pretty good for an LCD. Image quality is good

It only comes with a VGA cable. Viewing angles could be better. The speakers don't sound all that great and are not anywhere near loud enough

Mai 2012

Kundenmeinung (newegg.com)

Don't buy it for the speakers


I bought this for use in an RV. I wanted to watch 720p video, low power consumption, an external DC power supply (so I could power it without needing an inverter if I wanted), and built-in speakers

Maybe I got a bad unit, but the audio out of the tiny "speakers" is unacceptable. It's like what you hear when you take off a pair of headphones and lay them on the table. It does not sound like 2 x 1.5 watts. More like 2 x .015 watts. My cell phone...

Mai 2012

Kundenmeinung (newegg.com)



You can get a ten to twenty dollar rebate on energystar.gov. I've been a loyal Samsung fan since I was a kid, I've always liked their monitors and still do. But I didn't want to spend a boat-load of money on a monitor for my girlfriend to use when I...

Price!!! Under a hundred bucks on sale ; DVI port ; Speakers ; Great color ; Wakes up very fast (unlike my expensive Samsung) ; EnergyStar ; Light and slim ; Seems to stay cool ; Mountable ; Anti-glare Widescreen

Only comes with a VGA cable ; Base / stand seems slightly cheap but not a big deal ; Didn't work right away with VGA but I just used a DVI cable and it worked fine. It probably works with VGA after dinking around with some settings but I couldn't care...

Apr 2012