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AOC 2330V
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Mai 2020

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AOC nos trae en esta oportunidad un monitor full-HD de 23″, para gusto y placer de jugadores y gente que le guste ver una buena película…

Gran calidad de imágen ; Fácil y cómo de instalar y usar

No trae de fábrica cable DVI ; No soporta 1080p (sólo soporta 1080i)

Dez 2010

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Great Monitor!


I've had it for 16 months now and I have loved it!

Very good monitor. Great size and brightness. Very crisp display and no glare. Very reliable


Mär 2011

Kundenmeinung (

Very nice display.


While I was very disappointed in the inconsistent blacklevel at first, it turns out that, for most uses, that's not a problem. I wouldn't recommend watching movies or graphics editing on them. Programming, webdev, etc all are great. If you use a tiling...

1080p. 23". Nice and bright. I've got two, and they've been great for over a year. No dead pixels. I recently discovered an sRGB color profile preset in the configuration, which is kinda handy

When I first bought them, one died on me after only a few days. RMA'd, got a replacement, and the replacement has worked splendidly ; Blacklevel is inconsistent across area of display. Near the bottom of the bezel, the backlight bleeds through the...

Jan 2011

Kundenmeinung (

Good monitor


I bought it from costco for about the same price, hadnt ever heard of AOC but theres not much that can go wrong with a computer monitor(knock on wood)

good sharp image, no dead pixels, bright, nice looking, really cool texturing on the back and sides


Aug 2010

Kundenmeinung (



1080p + no display issues. I'd be happy to recommend it to anyone.

Its a very nice unit for the price. I've been playing world of warcraft, and other games that are not too demanding on it, and issues are non-existent. I have a good video card being shipped right now from the egg, and I will repost this review if I...

I don't like the glossy frame, but that's just me. It should include a DVI cable. Not really an issue for me, since I had one lying around, but others might have to buy one

Jul 2010

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Everything is good suppose you know what you are doing


The framing is fingerprint attractive

Jul 2010

Kundenmeinung (

OKAY, but


Had I known the above, I would never have bought this. Have been hours trying to get this working as I know it can!

It works and it looks great

Stupid Windoze (XP) doesn't recognize except as generic plug/play and stuck with minimal options and 60mhz ; Therefore a driver is needed BUT try to find one on as this display has no label whatsoever so no model number and worse, no serial...

Jul 2010

Kundenmeinung (

Nice Monitor, Dead Pixel


None really. Good picture. Would be better if you could tweak settings. There are no brightness, contrast, ect. settings. I'm considering getting two more for a dual monitor setup (currently mix matching 21.5" Acer and Viewsonic at 1400 x 900).

Great looking. Glossy Front Panel, checker textured back and sides with chrome accents. What's on the monitor also looks superb. BF Bad Company 2 and Crysis look amazing ; Envision Display has an awesome warranty

This is more my fault. I didn't check my Grandma's monitor before I had to RMA some other parts. Only 30 day RMA for newegg. It has one dead pixel that shows up only on complete black. AOC (or Envision Displays) will only repair a monitor if it has 5...

Mai 2010

Kundenmeinung (

AOC 2330V Piano-black Glossy 23" 5ms Widescreen Full HD 1080P LCD Monitor 300 cd/m2 DC 30000:1 DVI W/ HDCP Support


For the 3 days it worked it was a perfect

after 3 days nothing, not even the menu, would appear on the screen. I am about to contact Newegg

Apr 2010

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Amazing Monitor


Awesome Monitor

Amazing monitor. I use it in my studio and gives me plenty of space to get my work done...then I just slap in a movie and it's as good as having a nice LCD TV. LOVE IT

New Egg's price is way too high. I purchased mine for $140 at Fry's

Jan 2010

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