Acer B243HL

Acer B243HL
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Aug 2020

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Dual monitors


MB: Fatal1ty Z68 PRO GEN3 CPU: INTEL I5K 3.3ghz Mem: Corsair Vengeance 16Gb GPU: XFX ATI-6970 Pwr: SeaSonic X-850 Case: Silverstone PS06 LCD: Acer B243HL x2 Going for 3rd LCD

Brightest screen I have ever used. Coordinates with the first LCD. Response time is fast with no ghosting. Played Dark Knight and the blacks look good. Best monitor stand out there, "wonder if they charge more it?" Model series 'B' preferred by...

Since it has been a few months using the first LCD the newly purchased LCD looks brighter. I have to turn down all contrast and brightness so I don't go blind. Also I don't know if this effects everyone but the text at 1080 is too small so I enlarge...

Jan 2012

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Works great a year later


I bought this monitor for the swivel/pivot features - I have it oriented so it's taller than it is wide. No problems with it

It does take a few seconds to fire up. Nothing you'll lose sleep over though

Jan 2012

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Newegg messed up bigtime


I don't know, they sent me the wrong monitor

First of all this review is mostly towards newegg and not the product. I ordered this along with all the other components for a new gaming computer. When it finally arrived the first thing I noticed was the box was ripped all over and taped together....

Okt 2011

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Dead Pixel Follow Up


It has been a 4-day pain-in-the-tail getting ACER to comprehend its exposure and to agree to repair or replace free of charge. I now will discover whether ACER can live up to its claimed 7-10 day turn-around after it receives my monitor.

Today, after finally reaching an ACER voice team supervisor through 1-800-571-2237 (but first being bothered with reinventing the wheel with a level one guy), and making a very real threat of a lawsuit predicated on the theory that ACER could not...

Later in the day, after returning home from shipping the monitor, I noticed another ACER email had arrived stating "our technicians will check whether it qualifies the pixel policy...

Sep 2011

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Great monitor ; Traditional mounting hardware (100 cm I believe) facilitates use with dual monitor brackets. Many monitors today do not permit this ; The resolution is terrific. The appearance is solid and very professional-looking ; I am not a graphic...


Mär 2011

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1 year: Zero Complaints


Stop shopping and buy it. You know the price is right. The only reason I haven't bought two is because I can't afford three and another video card.

Big monitor that does everything a monitor should. Black looks black, and white hurts your eyes if you have a hangover. I realized that most people that are happy do not write reviews, so I thought that I would throw my hat into the ring. If you are...

It presents and 'acer' splash screen every time you turn it on, but this lasts 5 seconds at most and does not make me angry enough to remove an egg. Setup menu blows. You get over it though because it rocks otherwise

Feb 2011

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people who write a review on a product that clearly states it doesn't have a certain option(HDMI) but yet they give it a lower score because of this missing option. THIS IS NOT NEWEGG'S FAULT. people who feel the need to state their PC stats in the...

the options at which this could be maneuvered on its stand. the LED backlight. not having dead pixels. the picture quality. Comes with everything you need right in the box. Easy to set up( well it is just a screen.) looks even better when you have 2 of...

i dont have any as of yet

Jan 2011

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Awesome 2nd Acer monitor


Coming from standard LCD 19" from acer that served me well for 5+ years I can say that this was an excellent choice, thought about not doing it to save money but im glad I did. If your still with a Standard monitor, lcd or crt (Lol?), then I'd...

Bright ; High contrast = beautiful quality (blacks that look black!) ; Vivid and beautiful colors ; Games look even better, Avatar + 1080p = gorgeous ; Low to no ghosting ; A lot of workroom ; Doesn't heat up like my LCD 19" standard did

No HDMI ; 1 DVI ; No input selections ; 60 Hz max refresh for max resolution ; But I knew all this when buying it so for those of you that don't pay attention to the specs, i listed here

Mai 2010

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The One I Would Like


I would love to see the photos include the monitor in the portrait mode. This is how I wish to use it for reading PDF's and other documents. It will make a great 2nd monitor.

This has an LED backlighting system providing excellent contrast. I am very interested in the ability to tilt, swivel and pivot. The height adjustment won't hurt either

Just the fact that I do not have the money yet to buy it

Mai 2010

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Excellent Monitor, Great Value


Any brand can have a bad unit, but I've bought dozens of Acers in an ever changing number of models and they have always been a good value, good quality product. If you want the bleeding edge of technology for graphics and color balanced reditions,...

Excellent viewablility even at less than highest/native resolution - we are driving this with a laptop limited to 1600 X 1050 and the image is sharp and clear. Matte finish screen does not suffer from reflections. Bright enough for an office with...

Documentation, as usual, is nearly useless. Manufacturers seem illiterate when writing doc's for the products they sell - all of them ; Speakers could be better, but monitor speakers rarely are better

Mär 2010