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Sep 2019

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Expertenbewertung von : John R. Delaney (



The NEC AccuSync LCD24WMCX delivers good image quality and comes with a nice assortment of A/V connections.

Good light grayscale and color reproduction. Great text readability. Lots of connectivity options.

So-so dark grayscale performance. Tinny speakers. Limited adjustability.

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Aug 2008

Expertenbewertung von : Bill O'Brien (

NEC AccuSync LCD24WMCX LCD Monitor


NEC has created a very good large-format monitor that can handle both computer and HD video tasks at a reasonable price.

Accurate color representation; wide-screen format allows for multiple-page display and HD video playback; simple and versatile color adjustment

Slight band of backlight flaring at the bottom of the screen; not as adept at displaying small text as other monitors tested

Double your display real estate by adding a second monitor. It's a snap: Here's how

Apr 2008

Expertenbewertung von : Tim Smalley (

NEC AccuSync LCD24WMCX 24" widescreen


NEC has joined the party of relatively low-cost TN+Film 24" widescreen LCDs with its AccuSync LCD24WMCX monitor. It's competitively priced, and sits reasonably well on paper. How does it perform in the real-world though? Let's find out.

On the whole then, the NEC AccuSync LCD24WMCX has its share of problems with precise editing of photos taken in a photo studio, but it was never intended for that usage model – NEC has a whole host of displays that deliver colour accuracy far and above...

Apr 2008

Expertenbewertung von : HDTV Solutions (

NEC AccuSync 24WMCX 24" LCD Monitor

Feb 2008

Expertenbewertung von : Slobodan Dragovic (

Accusync LCD24WMCX


Nombreuses interfaces ; Résolution élevée

Angles de vision limités ; Peu de réglages sur le pied

Quoi qu'il en soit, et malgré les nombreux points forts de ce moniteur, nous avons dans l'ensemble été un peu déçu. Car les quelques rares défauts qui l'accablent sont vraiment nuisibles à un usage agréable et pratique (orientabilité, musicalité, champ...

Apr 2008

Expertenbewertung von (



Le modèle NEC AccuSync LCD24WMCX est un écran LCD grand format 24 pouces particulièrement attrayant. Conçu spécialement pour répondre aux exigences liées aux environnements informatiques individuels et des PME, ce modèle propose également toute une...

Expertenbewertung von (

Тест Full HD монитора NEC AccuSync LCD24WMCX


Большой широкоформатный монитор для дома — на сегодня очень распространенное решение. Это тенденция, связанная и с распространением Vista, и с переходом на формат кино 16:9. Мониторы с диагональю 24 дюйма пока не слишком распространены, такой себе...

Экран 24 дюйма пока не многие могут себе позволить, но тенденция на лицо. Все больше пользователей стремятся получить средство отображения для видео Full HD. И если рассматривать NEC AccuSync LCD24WMCX в ряду таких устройств, его цена уже не кажется...

Feb 2008

Expertenbewertung von : Иван Лозовский (



Участвовал в тесте: 11 недорогих ЖК-мониторов с диагональю 24 дюйма

Поскольку показатели функциональности и удобства у данного устройства средние, то при вычислении оценки оправданности цены его не спасла даже относительно низкая стоимость (около 820 долл.), из-за чего были получены 3 «звезды» за итоговую оценку. Но мы...

Feb 2008

Kundenmeinung (

Loved it


This monitor has been through alot with me and I am very impressed by the fact that there are no dead pixels on it after all this time. 7 years is a long time to have a monitor, and honestly if it wasn't for the front panel randomly touching itself...

I bought this back in 2007 from NewEgg, it was actually to replace a higher end expensive model that got dropped on accident. I've used this baby for 7 years now and even shipped it across country from Wisconsin to Arizona when I moved. It has worked...

Well this isn't really a con because it lasted so long, but the front panel buttons has started malfunctioning. The volume + button seems to keep pressing itself, this has been happening for the past few months. I don't even use the on board speakers...

Sep 2014

Kundenmeinung (

Okay for some things-unusable for others


Nice pics and text when using the DVI input. So so for video

Unreadable text when using HDMI input. If use an adaptor to plug into HDMI on source and DVI-D on Monitor, then the prob goes away ; Screen is way too bright

Sep 2013

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