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Brainwavz S0 Review: Warm, Comforting Sound


Sturdy design Warm and comfortable sound signature Great pricing Lots of accessories

No inline microphone

Brainwavz gets a lot of things right with the S0. From the sturdy design to the warm and comforting sound signature, the S0 hits a lot of high notes. Even the accessories bundled with the IEMs show the company's commitment to quality. If you want a...

Kundenmeinung (

Excellent choice for the price, Solid sound for everyday usage.


PreIntroduction: I am in no way affiliated or work for Brainwavz. For this review, I've received the S0 as a review sample courtesy of Audrey from Brainwavz. Keep in mind that all the pictures, while looking small on the page, were taken by a quite...

Build Quality, Accessories, Design, Flat cable, Comfort, Clarity and Balanced SQ, Price.

Moderate Mid-Bass bump

Jun 2015

Kundenmeinung (

A S0lid offering from Brainwavz. The Brainwavz S0 in ear monitor.


At the time this review was written, the Brainwavz S0 earphone was on sale for $49.50 USD on MP4NATION. Here is their listing of this product at the time of review:...

Great build qulaity and accessories.

Mid bass hump in tuning can be fatiguing without an EQ adjustment.

Mär 2015

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Jack of all trades - Brainwavz S0


S0 is the new little brother of S5 which I quite enjoy. It costs about half the price of its big brother, at US49.50. It's great to see more competition in the sub-$50 price range, because that's how much most mainstream consumers are willing to pay...

Likeable, balanced, low price, isolation

Slight microphonics, small soundstage

Jan 2015

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My only concern is the price, mostly...


okay, it seems mp4nation & brainwavz have a habit of boosting their prices first, then offering the regular prices as discounts. this is probably not news for head-fiers though. $50 regular price for this ? come on... koss ruk30's original price is...

Compared to M2, M4, M5: soundstage is finally done right (widened), everything fits now.

Sounds very similar to Koss budget earphones while offers no price or warranty advantage even with the discounted price

Jan 2015

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From Zero to Hero


First off, I want to thank Brainwavz and Audrey for this S0 unit and to apologize again for the ridiculously long delay of my review. Packaging and Accessories The package has the embossed image of the S0, which pops up with the help of its glossy...

solid build quality; solid overall performance without peaks and splashiness in the treble

some dryness; treble rolls off a bit early

Dez 2014

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A Perfect Budget All- Arounder


The Brainwavz S0s were nicknamed as the “little Brothers” of the Brainwavz S5. I had previously reviewed the Brainwavz S5s, while I did like how well they performed as a V shaped earphone. In the end the sound was not exactly my cup of tea. With the...

build quality, balanced yet warm sound, isolation, ergonomic, acceossories

midbass a bit more than id like, a bit dark for me in the treble, (cable noise can be a bit bothersome when worn cable down)

Dez 2014

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Great Budget Unit for the price


Brainwavz S0 Headphone Review Introduction: It's 2014 and Brainwavz is hot off the success of their S5, R3 and S1 IEMs before they have, yet again, introduced another IEM for the world market. This time, it's a budget unit called the S0! It's a petite...

Good sound, utilitarian build, accessories pack

Vocals a bit thin at times, small case, y cord is a pain

Dez 2014

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Brainwavz S0 Quick Review by mark2410


Brainwavz S0 Quick Review Thanks to mp4nation for the sample. Full Review here Brief: The S5 has a baby brother Price: US$50 or £31 Specification: Transducers/Drivers: Dynamic, 9mm, Rated...

Solid. Inoffensive yet potent sound signature. A crowd pleaser.

Detail retrieval isn’t really a priority here.

Nov 2014

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Laid Back


First, I'd like to thank Audrey and the folks at Brainwavz for providing me a sample of the S0 for review. This is only the second Brainwavz earphone I've had the pleasure to audition, the first being the Brainwavz S5, a new earphone from the headphone...

Great Build Quality, Good Sound for the Price, Nice Selection of Accessories

Outperformed by Other Earphones in its Price Range, Flat Cable

Nov 2014