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cant live without a coffee machine


If makes the perfect coffee and it is so easy to use. It is not always easy to clean and the only fault I have with it is when i have given it a big clean and descale etc the light is still staying one but it still makes a great coffee.

Jul 2017

Kundenmeinung (

Not bad


The machine is making a so nice coffee at all the time but it is now leaking water and needs service. It is out of warranty and I need to check its service. I haven't contacted the service yet but I'm worried if it is expensive. Other than this the...

Jul 2017

Kundenmeinung (

No regrets getting it second hand


Didn't pay much for our Saeco Talea ring coffee machine. The previous owner said that it didn't pour full espresso anymore. All I had to do is go into the settings and tell it to put more water through for that coffee type. It's been a trooper since...

Apr 2017

Kundenmeinung (

Nothing but trouble


it back the machine repairer tell me not to fix it because these machines are lemons. Well it's stopped working again with a problem I've had 3 times now and won't be fixing it this time. Never will I ever be buying a saeco again

Feb 2017

Kundenmeinung (

Worst buy ever.


I own a Talea Touch machine and I have nothing but trouble. For an expensive product it was a real waste of money and the service is terrible. Latest problem is water going straight to drip tray instead of cup. Have spent a fortune trying to get it...

Jan 2017

Kundenmeinung (



Would never buy a Saeco anything again. Coffee machine - Talea Touch has leaked most of its life even after a service and throws up spurious error messages, my favorite one being 'prime water circuit' which their help desk suggests resolving by...

Aug 2016

Kundenmeinung (

Don't buy very costly


I have the Talea touch plus version which is an updgrade from photo version. Luckily paid for extended warranty which was costly. Machine was expensive plus warranty. During warranty machine was sent back to get fixed each year due to software issues...

Aug 2016

Kundenmeinung (

Saeco Talea, a new species of lemon tree !!


If you buy a Ferrari you can obviously afford high maintenance . The Talea is the same. It requires A LOT of maintenance . I recommend one to either of 2 groups people ; Saeco technicians and coffee / coffee machine fanatics , otherwise STAY AWAY . Buy...

Mär 2016

Kundenmeinung (

required regular repairs


cult enough, the staff were unhelpful and unfriendly. I sent them feedback regarding this experience, and they came back with a defensive email justifying their processes. So we found a local repairer ourselves. They've since advised that a valve needs...

Mär 2016

Kundenmeinung (

This Is An Expensive Unreliable Machine. It Needs Professional Repair Every 3 Months


Bought January 13, 2013, had it in for repairs 4 times so far. Very poor quality badly supported. I will not buy any Saeco product again.

Okt 2015

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