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Bedienbarkeit, Preisleistungsverhältnis, Design

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CoffeeGeek - Presso Non Electric Espresso - F M's Review


I have worked with all kinds of espresso machines, one costing thousands of dollars with all the bells and whistles, a couple that costs a few thousand dollars with less features placing more control in the hands of skilled baristas, and an impressive...

User-Friendly ; Instructions are easy to understand ; Eco-Friendly - requires no electricity to operate ; Easy to use - hand operated machine ; Portable - travels easily ; Great customer service

Water reservoir is plastic – if only it could be made of metal, but metal isn't see-through. No wonder they went with polycarbonate ; Espresso results depend on the operator – the Presso will not make espresso FOR you ; Crema results depend on grind...

Sep 2010

Kundenmeinung (

CoffeeGeek - Presso Non Electric Espresso - Andre P's Review


I really didn't expect going that far but once I did I hope it can be of any help for preventing possible accidents.

The design and idea are very attractive if you like 'making' coffee in a green way

I had an accident with mine because of a faulty part and wasn't happy with the quality and the way the manufacturer dealt with it ; Wasted time to something that could be solved with a prompt replacement and a professional reply

Sep 2010

Kundenmeinung (

good coffee duck and cover very good company


Like most start ups, we've found an interesting correlation between productivity and coffee beans. As a result, we've been gaining an appreciation for the quality transition of beans to beverage.

easy to use, beautiful design, delicious espresso. we recently did a video review for the product

the 'milk frother' and 'dual espresso' split are nice considerations but quite dont live up to the high quality of the machine itself

Jul 2010

Kundenmeinung (

Value for money unit. Great for camping or traveling. Not what i would want as my regular espresso experience.


I saw the unit at Sexie Coffie and thought the idea had a lot of potential, when I noticed that it was only AUD I saw the unit at Sexie Coffie and thought the idea had a lot of potential, when I noticed that it was only AUD $140 I couldn40 I couldn't...

The Presso is a bargain. I think it produces drinkable espresso at a price few machines can match ; Very easy to use ; Small footprint ; Very portable, would be easy to take camping or on business trips

Possibly not sturdy enough, I get the feel that it could break if i push too hard ; The aluminium is not treated, this has lead to some corrosion ; The little gears that keep the arms moving in sinc seem too small, this lends the the feeling that the...

Jan 2008

Kundenmeinung (

Useless unless you spend a few hours fixing the cylinder; then it's a great bargain


A lever espresso machine for $100, and guaranteed a lifetime. Is it too good to be true? Yes and No.

Very well built, life time warranty, nothing that can break. Machine can be modified to work properly

The stock machine has a fatal flaw and cannot make espresso

Jun 2005

Kundenmeinung (

Great off-the-grid espresso! For those who like to take control of their coffee.


This is a great idea: make a simple system to apply water at pressure through a coffee puck. No other frills, really!

Brilliant idea! Mostly very well thought-out design, very repairable, customisable, etc. The two-lever system offers mechanical advantage over the La Pavoni, and the structure much more stable and allows for more pressure to be applied safely. Much...

Perhaps expensive still for what it is. (Made in China, by the way. Do we know what the worker's conditions are like?) The piston design, while very clever keeps the pressure from reaching it's full potential. But this can be overcome

Nov 2004

Kundenmeinung (

Take this machine on camping trips or any vacation. its small and needs no power. If you can boil the water, your good to go and will get decent shots


I have been using the presso espresso machine for 3 months. It is my first espresso maker.

Manual, easy clean, simple to operate, compact light weight, does not need any power

manual, low pressure, very exacting, does nothing for itself

Sep 2004

Kundenmeinung (

Every coffee geek should have one for those mornings away from electricity


The Presso is a marvel of simplicity in function and design. It is light and compact, so fits anywhere, and you can take it with you camping, skiing, etc, as long as you have something to boil water with. To clean the filter head (group head?) you...

Simple, well made, aesthetically pleasing, makes decent espresso, inexpensive compared to a quality electric espresso machine, easy to clean

Does not develop as much pressure as an electric machine, so probably losing something in the extraction process compared to an electric. Doesn't steam milk - you need separate equipment for that

Feb 2004

Kundenmeinung (

I think this might be the most overlooked machine out there.


I am absolutely giddy about this machine. I cannot vouch for espresso shots, as I am exclusively a latte drinker.

Price only $100 ; Great Coffee ; Easy to use ; No electricity required

No frothing wand

Mai 2003

Kundenmeinung (

A well designed little machine. Affordable for the beginner, capable for the full coffeegeek.


My Presso has taught me a lot about coffee and helped me take another step toward coffee-geekdom. This review is a lot about my experiences of using this machine as my main (3-times-a-week) espresso maker. and how I finally broke it! I also have to...

Simple for occasional use ; Not many moving parts ; basket held into handle with wire spring. (uncommon for a budget unit?) ; Good value-for-money ; Looks as good as a Philip Stark lemon squeezer, and I drink a lot more coffee than lemon juice ; Unlike...

Standing around waiting for the shot to go through ; Contacted Presso about a spare part and they never got back to me

Jul 2002

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