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CoffeeGeek - Mazzer Mini Electronic - Joe Sumaquial's Review


I was able to get this Mazzer Mini E Type A slightly used at a steal (currently retailing for about $900). I have been able to get such good results compared to my previous grinder, which is basically a non-espresso grinder (Cuisinart burr grinder)!...

Price. If I hadn't gotten such a sweet deal on a used one, I supposed I would not have bought one full price, at least not at this time

Price. If I hadn't gotten such a sweet deal on a used one, I supposed I would not have bought one full price, at least not at this time

Dez 2010

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CoffeeGeek - Mazzer Mini Electronic - Aptos Ca's Review


I love it. I didn't want a doser, which narrowed the options. I ended up with the Type A, which has buttons on top of the coffee shoot rather than buttons you press with the portafilter, which I like so I don't have to keep the PF jammed against the...

Good, consistent grind. Built like a tank. Reliable as all get out

Well. price. And the grind adjustment requires a fair amount of effort to turn, which makes it marginally more difficult to set (but only marginally; still not hard.)

Dez 2008

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CoffeeGeek - Mazzer Mini Electronic - Troy Silverskin's Review


I decided to give the Mini E a try after having various hulking commercial grinders in my kitchen for the last few years and really wanting something less invasive and partner friendly. The Mini E seemed to have all of these qualities.

Keeps the countertop relatively tidy with small wastage, no constant doser cleaning only requires a quick brush of the funnel every now and then. Pleasing asthetically. Quick to grind and reasonably quiet ; Ease of use

Although all of these problems have a work-around these are my main complaints ; Uneven distribution if left to its own devices, sharp edged portafilter holder, difficult to adjust grind with only two hands. Electronic dosing works by timer, so if you...

Feb 2008

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CoffeeGeek - Mazzer Mini Electronic - Ryan Palmer's Review


I purchased this grinder used, I have owned it for 3 months now and I have had a mixed bag worth of experiences with this machine. First of all, the clicking feature on this machine (you use the portafilter to push a button that activates the dosing)...

Sharp looks, Minimal clumping in the group, holds a fair amount of beans

Rather hard to use, very clumsy, and doses away from the handle so your dosing is always off, 'clicking' feature worthless

Feb 2007

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CoffeeGeek - Mazzer Mini Electronic - Teemu Pihlatie's Review



build quality beyond reproach ; grind and resulting shot quality ; stepless adjustment and ability to fine tune grind ; neatness (no mess on your counter) ; no wasted coffee ; easy to dial in ; good looks

too tall with standard hopper ; power cord location (sticks out from the left side of the grinder lik a sore thumb) ; poor finish of the portafilter rest ; minor distribution issues (but these can be overcome - see text for details)

Dez 2005

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CoffeeGeek - Mazzer Mini Electronic - Wayne Johnson's Review


This Mazzer Mini Electronic has not been 100% of what I was hoping for. It does do the job, it looks great (I got the black one but I think the grey one that I couldn't find in the U.S. is even better looking), it is fun to use, and I would buy it...

There's no doser to fill so you grind just what you need. Stepless grind adjustment. Grind quality seems great. Easy to clean tray. Reasonably quiet. Generally well built. It looks fabulous

The 3-button doser is not really useful in the way it was meant to be. The power cord comes out the side near the front and doesn't appear well integrated with such an otherwise good-looking grinder

Nov 2005

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CoffeeGeek - Mazzer Mini Electronic - Gary Cohen's Review



Unimpeachable build quality ; Grind consistency is excellent ; The best “doserless' grinder available- the steel conical coffee funnel is superior to the typical plastic spout seen on doserless grinders ; Coffee is neatly and quickly delivered to the...

The AC cord placement in ridiculous ; The grinder is too big ; Portafilter activation is incompatible with forward-mounted spouts ; Price is too high ; Electronic timer is unnecessary

Sep 2005

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CoffeeGeek - Mazzer Mini Electronic - Jay Millar's Review


Our Issomac Grandthingy is a great grinder (conical) but I bought it at a time when the Mazzer Mini was not available in a doserless model - despite the Mazzer being my "dream machine." So, when I found out Mazzer had made this model I didn't hesitate.

The reviews are true, Mazzer is a solid choice. Works well, not too noisey

The bean hopper is beautiful plastic - not that glass is practical, but the plastic sure looks cheap. The tray to catch stray grinds is better than nothing, but you can still get them on the bench etc

Aug 2005

Kundenmeinung (

CoffeeGeek - Mazzer Mini Electronic - Steve Patriquen's Review


An excellent grinder and I specifically wanted one without a doser since I make only a few drinks at a time. The maximum single doser timing (adjusted with a screwdriver potentiometer) was a bit short for my "regular" E61 Expobar portafilters, so I...

Quiet, solid with electronic doserless timed delivery

The hopper "must" be attached with a machine screw. In order to fit the screw, the hopper had to be pounded into place repeatedly (to make the hole in the hopper line up with the screw). I don't think it will be easy to remove when cleaning time comes....

Mai 2005

Kundenmeinung (

CoffeeGeek - Mazzer Mini Electronic - Simon Minkoff's Review


This looks like, and feels like, a real professional bit of kit. It weighs a lot. It is solid and sturdy. It is either carved out of solid steel, loaded with lead weight, or packed with carefully assembled machinary.

Solid, reliable, sturdy, consistent grind. Fresh ground coffee on demand, not stagnating in a dosing hopper. Stepless adjustment of grind. Stepless adjuestment of single and double dose size. Attractive

Coffee bean container too large for domestic use and also the most plasticky part of the grinder. The ground coffee gets stuck if ground too fine, for example when grinding for a Turkish coffee

Jan 2005

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