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Bedienbarkeit, Design, Größe, Zuverlässigkeit

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Using a machine of this caliber has brought me to love the art of brewing espresso. Pouring a perfect shot isn't as easy as it looks.


During some research of espresso machines, I found that the Vivaldi II Single Group by LaSpaziale was priced very competitively among similar machines. I my opinion having the direct plumb and the timer are a must. I use the machine at home and the...

Great machine for this price point, aesthetically pleasing and is user friendly

Machine should come with a no burn steam wand and 4 hole 9mm tip. I know this affects the initial sales price, but it really helps to extent the frothing time needed to make creamy milk

Aug 2010

Kundenmeinung (

Sexy, Sleek, and produces damn good coffee


We purchased this for our mobile kitchen from Chris Coffee out of New York after reading reviews on their customer service. IT was in my price range and a very good value for the quality. After arriving damaged, Chris coffee did everything possible to...

A great Machine, easy to use, heats up fast. Comes in a sexy red color

Learning curve on micro foam production

Aug 2010

Kundenmeinung (

Easy for the non-geek to use to make great espresso and latte, consistently, and with only a small learning curve.


I am in my 50s and wanted an espresso machine that would be easy to use and make GREAT drinks. This fits the bill perfectly! A friend has a Rancilio Silva that makes great drinks as well, but it seemed to me to require too much attention and care in...

Makes great espresso and latte. Both my wife and I find it easy to use

The manual seems to come in two parts, and some part(s) I think I even had to download. Things could have been a little clearer for setup and first use

Jul 2010

Kundenmeinung (

After one year of use I wish I had bought the Spaziale earlier - it would have improved the quality of my life.


We have had the Spaziale for a year and are very happy with the product. First, if you use good quality beans it will make a wonderful espresso – better than those we have tested at the best commercial Cuban Coffee places in Miami. And, since we start...

Very easy to use. Looks good. Makes superb coffee

I would like to adjust water temperature +2 degrees without having to change internal settings

Apr 2010

Kundenmeinung (

Shot, shot, shot. shot....the La Spaziale Vivaldi....just might out shoot the NCAA....getting one is definely not March Madness!


This was a major upgrade from my Rancilio. I was tired of waiting for the boiler to heat up to steam temperature as I make more milk based drinks. I also wanted not to have to refill a reservoir. I studied all available machines in this price range...

Programmable volume ; Plummable ; Temperature stability ; Dual boilers ; Massive steam ; Easy to program and use

A bit of a quirky timer. It has to be nestled behind the machine. It works well, although it was not intuitive to program ; The drain tray is plastic. I was more used to the stainless steel version of the Rancilio and the screen that rests on the...

Mär 2010

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Even for the picky person this is the machine to get if you are not willing to splurge on the ubermaschines


Do not get me wrong here, I love this machine. I realize that my list of negative points is longer than the positive points. That is more because I'm really picky. I would buy this machine again in a heartbeat. (Unless I was willing to fork over the...

Shot quality is simply awesome _AND_ consistent, even through multiple successive shots ; Steaming (using optional 4 hole tip) plentiful, and easy because of the pivoting steam wand ; Volumetric dosing, one less variable to tweak

I would have preferred it would out of the box turn-on on power up. (vs go into standby) ; It's a bit on the noisy side of things, too little was done to dampen vibrations ; No thermal insulation of the boilers to reduce energy consumption ; Build...

Dez 2009

Kundenmeinung (

IMO, if you don't have the budget for a GS 3 this is the way to go, love doing business with Chris Coffee - Mary and everyone was great to deal with.


I have seen many posts in the forums where posters were fighting to get good shots, and a number of problems. I don't know any other home espresso folks, had zero experience and this machine pretty much helped me get going more easily than I anticipated.

quick, easy to get up to really good repeatable shots, from zero experience. Am using S1 V2 plumbed in version ; This thing is really almost all 10's at it's price point. I gave it 8's and 9's because there are better units out there, although they...

slight fit and finish issue. My dual gauge is slightly off level, barely fits the bezel. Many people wouldn't notice, but my son did.It hasn't bothered me enough to try to adjust it

Dez 2009

Kundenmeinung (

Loved it. Trying to get work to by one now that I don't work at home.


I had a super-auto that finally gave up the ghost (and the result wasn't too good anyway). I did a ton a research and settled on the VII and haven't looked back. The result is better than anything I've ever had without being difficult to use. I had...

Easy to learn and use. Pretty easy to clean and maintain. Quality of espresso is great. Easy enough to use that a non-coffee-phile can handle it

If you have to open it, getting it back together is a bit of a pain. The timer flakes occasionally for no observable reason. Running the two boilers at the same time is supposed to be done only on a 20A circuit, but I fudged and only had one case where...

Dez 2008

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A Powerful, true Professional-grade Machine


This machine is very sturdy and very high quality. I owned a Brewtus 2 before this and actually sold it because of being laid off and returning to the student life/graduate school. But something else came thru and I did not end up going back to...

Amazing quality and power. Compared to the Brewtus II this machine has a much more solid feel. Great steam power, much quieter, less vibration

I am not a huge fan of the black plastic sides but the design has grown on me a bit. It would be nice to see stainless or chrome

Nov 2008

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GOD shots, one after the other, without fail. Continuous steam and water on tap, 24x7. Get one.


I lusted for this machine for three years! After years of using Gaggias, Saeco (semi) machines, Silvias, stock and with my 'pid' system installed.

Very easy to setup -- connect water line and plug in ; Very quiet, internals are insulated and protected ; NO expensive chrome e61 brew head to polish, nor shiny chassis to rub ; Four hole tip produces excellent microfoam

Stock steam arm a little too short, a longer one is available at low cost

Sep 2008