Hamilton Beach Aroma Express 49294 12-Cup Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach Aroma Express 49294 12-Cup Coffee Maker
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Aug 2020

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Kundenmeinung (epinions.com)

Hamilton Beach Aroma Express 49294 12-Cup Coffee Maker


Well, my Proctor Silex coffee maker died. What a surprise. (Insert note of sarcasm here) My husband and I packed up the kids, rather crankily I might add, and ran off to the store to buy a new coffee maker. The only requirements? That it be...

Its all pros!

I know it won't last forever :(

Sep 2002

Kundenmeinung (epinions.com)

My first and last Hamilton Beach


I've only had one other machine before this one - a Mr. Coffee machine - which lasted me years. My (now ex) boyfriend paid for it but left it up to me to choose which one. Our Mr. Coffee still worked perfectly, but we wanted a new coffee machine to...

Timer, pause and serve, removable water tank, auto shut-off

Stains, clogs and the water tank sticks

Mär 2002

Kundenmeinung (epinions.com)

A very satisfied customer


I bought this coffee maker a couple of months ago, and have not had any problems since.

Easy and convenient to use!!

Problems with lid.

Mai 2001

Kundenmeinung (epinions.com)

I'm Happy.


I read some opinions about water getting all over the counter, the warmer plate peeling, etc. I've had my HB coffee maker for about 8-10 months now, and I have no complaints. Mind you, I don't brew 12 cups of coffee a day, more like 4, and it's gone...

Removeable water reservoir is wonderful.

Haven't found one yet.

Mär 2001

Kundenmeinung (epinions.com)

Works well BUT....


I received this coffeemaker as a gift, although I chose and pointed it out myself! I've had a few Mr. Coffee machines that the timer died on or that reached the point where they took 20 minutes to brew a nasty pot of coffee! So this time I chose...

Works just like it's supposed to.

heating plate flaking apart

Dez 2000

Kundenmeinung (epinions.com)

Hamilton Beach Has a Better Idea (NOT!)


Non-stick keep-hot plate

It has a potentially dangerous design flaw. It is advertised dishonestly and it makes bad tasting coffee.

Jun 2000

Kundenmeinung (epinions.com)

Overflowing With Flaws


Me and the office's Hamilton Beach Aroma Express 12 Cup Coffee Maker w/ patented Puranha Filter are not friends. We despise one another, and a rusty stain in the corporate carpet stands as a sad tribute to the scores of wasted beans.

Pot comes with handle.

Frequently overflows.

Jun 2000

Kundenmeinung (epinions.com)

Makes great coffee, then BURNS it!


We bought this coffee machine a year ago because it was cheap. Our family has 3 caffeine addicts, so as a result our coffee maker is run all day. We needed something simple and durable. The Hamilton Beach Aroma Express 12 cup coffee...

Coffee quality is initially excellent, easy to use and clean.

Heating element burns coffee and non-stick surface.

Mär 2000

Kundenmeinung (epinions.com)

Did Someone say coffee?


I go through coffee makers like most people go through underwear. I love coffee, and my coffee maker sees a lot of use, and abuse. I have tried a whole pile of different brand names, and I finally ended up with the Hamilton Beach Model last year.

It makes coffee. I can't ask anything else of it!

I'll get back to you.

Feb 2000

Kundenmeinung (epinions.com)

Wake-up with Coffee


I bought this coffee maker to replace my old worn out expresso/coffee maker. I wanted one that had a timer. This one works like a charm. I have to get up at disgustingly early so having my morning cup of coffee waiting is a blessing. There have...

Speed of brewing


Jan 2000

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