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Kundenmeinung (

Great upgrade from a basic coffee maker. If you don't need the frother then get something else.


This is the best coffee maker I have owned. This replaced a Braun Cafe Aroma that was on its last legs. My wife and I use the machine every morning and it has been reliable, but not without some quirks.

Makes coffee Fast ; Frother works great (*once you understand it) ; Hot coffee

Frother is tempermental ; Pause and serve sometimes drips ; My fingers are taking a beating from taking apart the frother pieces every day - they are tight ; Uses more coffee than I am used to ; Filling the removable tank to the exact water level is...

Mär 2010

Kundenmeinung (

If you want a removable tank, this is your machine.


I looked and looked for a replacement to my trusty old Black & Decker Spacesaver, whose primary virtue was the removable water reservoir and under cabinet mounting. It had lasted for almost 10 years, but it was time for a change. I decided to...

removable water reservoir ; no hot plate ; small brew setting ; great coffee

a bit complex ... I would have settled for everything but the frother ; good luck removing the frother from the steam nipple

Jun 2009

Kundenmeinung (

If you want a lot of coffee machine for the money, I highly recommend the CoffeeTec.


I had tried all kinds of coffee makers and when my espresso machine broke, I decided that I wanted the perfect coffee maker. My coffee maker had to be able to brew 10 cups of coffee and give me steamed milk and cost less than $200. That's when I...

The Coffee Tec is unique in its ability to brew 10 cups of coffee and get steamed milk. Ten cups brew in under eight minutes. The stainless steel carafe keeps the coffee hot. Parts are easy to clean and the customer service at Capresso is excellent

Sometimes the seal that prevents the coffee from brewing or the ones in the water well can get off track and cause a mess. It's easy to fix but you need to know what's going on to fix it fast. I have lost a few parts (the straw, the milk frothing...

Dez 2007

Kundenmeinung (

Had I the decision to make again, I would buy Capresso's MT500 or a Technivorm autodrip, not this maddeningly flawed machine: caveat emptor.


[Prerequisite for reading this review: Open a new browser page, bring up a Google search box, and punch in "CoffeeTEC: leaks." Check out the links, then come back and finish this review. The experience of the non-CG world re the CoffeeTEC has been far...

Excellent brew quality ; Quiet, fast brewing ; Stainless steel carafe with "drip-thru" screw-on lid ; Easy to set up and use ; Milk frothing is easy and brainless ; Attractive design

Hogs counter real estate ; Durability questionable: under-engineered ; The biggy: chronic leaking problem, for me and others

Mär 2006

Kundenmeinung (

Good for coffee, but don't buy for the milk frother. Overpriced!


I bought the AEG Cafe Ole', which is the same machine as the Capresso CoffeeTEC. While I found that it does make good coffee, the reason I bought it was because it had a milk frother, and I didn't want to have both an espresso machine and a drip...

Makes good, hot coffee quickly

Frother/steamer dilutes milk, carafe cools too quickly, takes up a lot of counter space

Nov 2005

Kundenmeinung (

Convinced my brother to get one too, and he NEVER takes my advice. This time he thanked me. Two more friends are almost convinced.


This is really a wonderful product. I had diligently looked at every drip machine I could find or read about, discovering one or another fatal flaw in every one, including the other Capresso products. (The reviews at coffeekeek are amazingly helpful....

Excellent, *hot* coffee. Easy to clean. Easier to use than expected, given the command-central appearance

Some controls are small and seem a bit flimsy; time will tell. Really irritates me I could not find a new one for a discount price

Jan 2005

Kundenmeinung (

A brilliant concept for coffee lovers who like to keep it relatively simple.


This is a great home machine for those coffee lovers who don‘t want to fuss and are looking for convenience. It is very high quality and makes coffee quickly and very hot. The best part is the milk frothing device which is easy to use and clean and...

An excellent machine, very high quality, but what really sets it apart is the milk frothing device that makes great cafe au lait or capuccino and is a snap to use and clean


Aug 2004

Kundenmeinung (

Dream machine as far as we are concerned.


I've seen some negative reports on this machine. I can't understand those, as we are thrilled with this machine. It brews the best coffee I've ever made, and is easy to operate, easy to keep clean, and the frother is awesome. The refurbed unit...

Easy to use, the coffee produced is the best I've ever brewed. The frother is elegant and simple to use and clean. Very versatile, and quick to brew

Its large ; The included mesh filter has two faults, the mesh is too thin, and thus warps easily, and the design of the bottom of the filter is poor in that the concave design causes it to splash H2O around when rinsed off ; I'm going to try my trusty...

Apr 2004

Kundenmeinung (

Finally - a drip brewer that brews at the proper temperature and keeps the coffee hot in a vacuum carafe instead of baking it a in a glass pot.


I had to give up my Isomac Tea and all the fun things that go with espresso making because I couldn't keep from brewing espresso. The forbidden caffine was taking its toll on me. I sold the Isomac and Mazer and just have a couple of cups of drip on...

There are several points to consider here. First and formost is that this cofee maker brews coffee at the correct temperature and keeps the water on the grounds for the proper amount of time. The carafe keeps the coffee hot witihout baking the coffee...

Lots of little parts that fit together. They will be hard to keep up with. However, they are readily available on the Capresso website

Feb 2004

Kundenmeinung (

Best of the auto-drips in my experience.


Other writers have covered the technical aspects in good detail and with good analysis.

Produuces quantities of very good, very hot coffee. Ergonomic and attractive design

More features than I need. Big countertop footpriint. List price is a little high, but product quality matches

Dez 2003

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