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alaTest hat 39 Testberichte und Kundenbewertungen für Bodum Java zusammengefasst und analysiert. Im Durchschnitt wurde das Produkt mit 4.6/5 bewertet, verglichen mit einer durchschnittlichen Bewertung von 4.2/5 für andere Produkte. Am positivsten ist den Testern das Design und das Preisleistungsverhältnis aufgefallen, auch die Bedienbarkeit wird gelobt.

Bedienbarkeit, Preisleistungsverhältnis, Design

Verarbeitungsqualität, Zuverlässigkeit

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The Best Coffee You Will Ever Taste


I became interested in purchasing a French Press after having some in a restaurant a few months ago. The coffee was so delicious, and I started craving it because dunkin donuts and starbucks, and McDonalds, just were not cutting it anymore. It wasn't ...

Coffee that tastes delicious every single time

Clean UpPossible negative impact on cholesterol levels

Mär 2007

Kundenmeinung (

Great tasting last


I've never enjoyed automatic drip home brewed coffee. The actual flavor of the coffee is never as rich as you get from a coffee house (like Starbucks, just to name the most well known domestically). Since I'm a 'one cup a day' person, I want it to be ...

I could finally taste the wonderful flavor of my coffee.

Does not keep coffee hot for subsequent cups.

Feb 2005

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How Much (Time and Money) For a Good Cup of Coffee?


This has not been a good year for coffee makers in our house. After our coffee maker of 5 years bit the dust we purchased the world's worst coffee maker before quickly moving on to a ...

Makes some of the best coffee you will ever drink

Only makes two expensive cups of coffee every 8 minutes

Dez 2004

Kundenmeinung (

Oh, Heavenly Nectar!


I'm no stranger to good coffee. 15 years ago I was good friends with a woman who was full blooded Italian with parents who were right off the boat. They were a wonderful and beautifully alive family; not a one of them over 5'8" nor under 250lbs. And, ...

This is a great looking product that brews a utterly luscious cup of coffee!

Somewhat fragile, must be cleaned well,a slight learning curve involved, takes a little time.

Jun 2004

Kundenmeinung (

Presso method


There are several types of French-pres/press pots on the market. This particular model is quite standard and has provided me with years of useful service. I have heard stories of pots chipping/cracking, filters ripping, etc… however, my experience...

Inexpensive method for producing high quality coffee.

Difficult to clean. Not entirely automatic like drip-machines.

Feb 2003

Kundenmeinung (

French Press is best method.


I've devoted way too much time and effort to brewing a good cup of coffee. Prior to using this unit the best coffee I could consistently purchase was at Starbucks. With that as a back drop and the thought of big everyday savings in mind I calculated...

Makes awesome coffee. Simple to use. Nice routine in the morning.

Takes 8-9 minutes for a 3/4 mug of coffee. Have to clean up before drinking.

Jan 2003

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Bodum is the Best


I have been interested in owning a French press coffee brewer since I first saw one being used back in 1996. It belonged to my friend Brian, who always had a cup of coffee right before exercising.

Perfect coffee, every time you brew.

Takes time to brew (but it's worth the effort).

Jan 2003

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Buy Stainless Steel Instead


My boyfriend and I have used our Bodum French Press for months, with no problem. However, this past Saturday, when he pushed the plunger down, the pressure blew a two inch hole in the side, sending boiling hot coffee not only all over the kitchen, but...


Very Dangerous

Jul 2002

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Coffee for the Franco-American cowboy


In the old American cowboy tradition, a handful of grounds is tossed into a pot of boiling water, preferably in an speckled enamel coffee-pot set over a campfire at sunset by a booted, Stetsoned, chaps-wearing cowboy with his trusty steed tethered...

Superlative coffee, if you do it right


Jun 2002

Kundenmeinung (

Killer coffee


I think I shall never be able to enjoy another standard cup of coffee again. I just finished the strongest cup of coffee I've ever made or tasted, and I fear I shant be able to fall asleep for a fortnight. I've not had Turkish or Italian...

Best cup of coffee ever ; cleans easily ; filters EXTREMELY well ; no electricity needed

Low R-value of glass

Mär 2002