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CoffeeGeek - Bialetti Mukka Stovetop Cappuccino - Meeg ODay's Review


I'm not a connoisseur, but I've found a couple things that make using the Mukka a more enjoyable and consistent experience: (1) Use regular drip grind for the coffee as the espresso grind seems too fine, and (2) Warm the milk or half and half for 30...

Consistent, frothy coffee if use secrets below. Easy to use and clean. Hands free operation can't be beat

I've worn out 2 coffee baskets and 1 pressure stem, and got replacements thru the Bialetti website. The parts are a bit pricier now, so I'm looking for a complete new Mukka on ebay. My Mukka looks a bit beat up from use, but, hey, as long as it makes...

Apr 2012

Kundenmeinung (

CoffeeGeek - Bialetti Mukka Stovetop Cappuccino - David Jackson's Review


The BEST stove top espresso you can get.

The BEST stove top espresso you can get ; Easy to use ; Easy to clean ; Easy to get spares

Cappuchino tastes fine by me but the froth isnt as thick as shop bought. The paint starts to chip off the plug device and base eventually. (get the polished one) Screw the top on tight or the coffee goes everywhere

Aug 2011

Kundenmeinung (

CoffeeGeek - Bialetti Mukka Stovetop Cappuccino - Jill Robbins's Review


When my husband realized how much I was spending, stopping for a breakfast latte at the local coffeehouse on the way to work, he bought me this for Christmas three years ago. I'm fairly certain it paid for itself in the first two months.

Inexpensive to use and maintain; fast, simple way to make a single latte/cappuccino; looks stylish; well-made

Took some breaking in and tweaking of procedures to really get good results; plastic valves need replacement every year or so; a bit tougher to clean than I'd like (but still probably better than a pump machine with a steamer); if not cleaned properly,...

Sep 2010

Kundenmeinung (

CoffeeGeek - Bialetti Mukka Stovetop Cappuccino - Don Peat's Review


This mokapot will make an excellent frothy cappuccino in one simple process, rather than brewing the coffee/espresso, then steaming/nuking & frothing the milk. This mokapot will also produce crema-espresso ala my 2-cup Brikka, only in the larger size...

This makes an excellent frothy cappuccino, plus it makes an awsome crema-espresso when brewed without the milk

The plastic pressure valve will eventually need replacement when it loosens and fails to keep a good seal. Also, the washer on the pressure plate may fail to seal properly, causing leaks that can make a mess of the stove

Feb 2010

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CoffeeGeek - Bialetti Mukka Stovetop Cappuccino - Eric Mathurin's Review


The Bialetti brand is well-known—particularly in Italy where it is ubiquitous—for their stove-top espresso pots. Stove-top espresso is a bit different from espresso produced by a machine with a pump. These little pots use the pressure of steam (built...

Small and portable. Would be a great comfort drink on a car-camping trip. (Although the glass-pot model would require a bit more care and attention.) ; Pretty quiet compared to a pump-driven machine—which is a pro if you’re an early-riser and don’t...

Produces a teeeeny cappuccino! So hopefully no one else is awake or wants one. (This could be a pro if you’re trying to cut down on caffeine and/or calories.) ; If a part needs replacing (such as the notorious gasket) then you might have some trouble...

Aug 2009

Kundenmeinung (

CoffeeGeek - Bialetti Mukka Stovetop Cappuccino - Shah Shariff's Review


I performed the standard "breaking in" process for a bialetti stovetop pot. First, brewed plain water to check seals and valve. Then, brewed 3 rounds of coffee and poured the results in the sink. The purpose is to get rid of the metallic taste and coat...

Beautiful construction with the glass top cover, characteristic of Bialetti quality ; Relatively easy to use

Less-than-expected quality extraction ; Cold latte

Jun 2009

Kundenmeinung (

CoffeeGeek - Bialetti Mukka Stovetop Cappuccino - Thomas Maynard's Review


This is basically a moka pot with an ingenious steam valve that mixes and froths the coffee/milk. Put the water in the bottom, put the coffee in the middle (the filter basket), put the milk in the top. Set it on the stove at medium/high heat and about...

Stovetop: takes no counterspace; attractive; makes a decent cup; operates without manual intervention; easy clean-up; fast brew (5-6 min)

Not really "espresso" -- not really "cappuccino" -- and pricey if you buy at retail. It also produces a kind of grody puck -- probably characteristic of a steam machine

Jun 2009

Kundenmeinung (

CoffeeGeek - Bialetti Mukka Stovetop Cappuccino - Dan Grayson's Review


I used this device approximately thirty times, and got reasonable cappuccino out of it twice. Often the result was too cold, usually the milk didn't froth well, usually the cappuccino was too weak, and often a few grounds got into the final brew. I...

endearing appearance

inconsistent, usually poor, performance. Exterior retains good appearance, but interior aluminum surface looked like it was starting to oxidize almost immediately. This might give those persons worried about the effects of aluminum exposure on their...

Apr 2009

Kundenmeinung (

CoffeeGeek - Bialetti Mukka Stovetop Cappuccino - Monica Martin's Review


I bought the Mukka because I had read the reviews, and I really wanted a simple, elegant, stove-top espresso and latte maker. I am a cappuccino and other milk-based drinks type of person, so this seemed like a perfect solution for me.

Beautiful, simple design ; Wanted something that could live on the stove, not on the countertop ; Simple to use...more or less

Does not produce a decent cappuccino ; Fickle ; Leaks ; Not worth the money

Apr 2009

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CoffeeGeek - Bialetti Mukka Stovetop Cappuccino - Stuart Zimble's Review


This is a very good purchase for those that like a latte or capucco in the morning. It make enough for two large cups It works best (and quickest) on a gas stove, but it is adaptable to electric. It is not exactly like going to the "bar" in Rome, but...

Ease of use; makes a very realistic Italian cafe latte and cappuccino; does not take up counter space; is impressive to show to guests unfamiliar with it

Pressure valve adjustment between latte and cappuccino sometimes slips out of position. This can cause an overflow as the machine will be unknowingly set for cappuccino when you have put in quantities of milk and water for latte. Also, if you are not...

Mär 2008