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Bedienbarkeit, Zuverlässigkeit, Design, Preisleistungsverhältnis, Verarbeitungsqualität

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CoffeeGeek - Baratza Maestro Plus - Oren Elias's Review


I bought this on Craigslist only to find out that it was faulty. Baratza sent me an upgraded replacement burr head and even replaced the faulty plastic part at no cost. They responded quickly and charged ultra-fair prices everything (including $0 for...

Baratza's customer service is outstanding. Product works well

The settings on the grinder are marked as dots and hard to trace which one you used when switching between coffee types and grinds

Dez 2012

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CoffeeGeek - Baratza Maestro Plus - Matthew Plett's Review


I picked this up from a local shop that had it returned after snapping the ring burr holder and demanded a new one. So they fixed it and gave it to me half price ($70 CND). I own a Silvia and wasn't sure if it would grind fine enough - most reviews say...

Consistant ; Easy to use ; Sturdy

Doesn't grind super fine ; Timer knob falls out every time it runs for more than 45 sec

Feb 2012

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CoffeeGeek - Baratza Maestro Plus - Joseph Croft's Review


For starers, it made a horrible, oscillating, whining noise while grinding (imagine something like the noise a trash compactor might make). The grind quality was terrible. No matter the grind setting, it spit out dust and coffee chunks. I took it apart...

I rated useability and aesthetics at 8, because these were perceived positives that motivated my buying decision. It is a nice looking machine, and should be very easy to use

My experience with this grinder was so terrible, that to give it the benefit of doubt, I have to assume it was dropped and damaged in the factory before shipping. There is no physical evidence of this, but I don't know how else to explain it's terrible...

Jan 2012

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CoffeeGeek - Baratza Maestro Plus - Alex Patch's Review


The Maestro Plus is a very solid grinder for less than $150. The grind is reasonably consistent, and works just fine in my french press. The construction is extremely solid and I've had no mechanical problems with it thus far, even being a refurbished...

The Maestro Plus was extremely solid for a grinder in its price range. Baratza's legendary customer service drove me to purchase a refurbished model, which came out of the box looking like a new machine. All of the construction, the burrs, hopper,...

The grind is just not that consistent. I use a french press for my coffee and have the Maestro Plus on the second coarsest setting. It comes out with particles ranging in size from up to 2mm all the way to fine dust, much like you would expect from an...

Aug 2011

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CoffeeGeek - Baratza Maestro Plus - Allan Besner's Review


I am absoultly thrilled! I just received my Maestro plus today and in less than 15 minutes I was brewing coffee! I have a Saeco Via Vinezia . At first I tried to use the grind setting for fine espresso and it was too fine then I backed it off to the...

Easy to use, nice and compact (fits nicely under a cabinet.), I love the pluse button, uniformaty of grind

Interchangable hoppers would be nice

Jun 2011

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CoffeeGeek - Baratza Maestro Plus - Reed Nelson's Review


This unit is much improved over the old Barista. That model lasted 7 years of daily use... one press pot and 3 double shots virtually every day. I never cleaned it. Ever.

Heavy, sturdy, grinding settings, anti static, metal knob

Weak bean hopper, requires regular maintenance just like anything else you own

Mai 2011

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CoffeeGeek - Baratza Maestro Plus - Oleg Rodionov's Review


I bought original Solis Maestro 8 years ago and used it daily since. It worked great. Reliable, repeatable. Could easily grind coffee fine enough to jam my Silvia. When It finally gave up on me a few weeks ago, I naturally bought Baratza Maestro Plus....


This grinder doesn't grind fine enough for espresso machine

Okt 2010

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CoffeeGeek - Baratza Maestro Plus - Jerry Kalpin's Review


When I first set about replacing my old grinder, I had two things in mind:

The timer knob occasionally falls off. However, Customer Support has an easy fix

The timer knob occasionally falls off. However, Customer Support has an easy fix

Mai 2010

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CoffeeGeek - Baratza Maestro Plus - Ben E's Review


This is an amazing grinder for the price. For around 150 bucks you get a great set of burrs, a powerful motor, and very slow rotation. It is factory set to 450 RPM, which is nice and slow to reduce static to close to none, and avoid heating up the...

Amazingly easy to use ; Slow rotation minimizes heating up the beans and "scorching" them, and static is reduced ; Good sized hopper, I never leave any coffee in it, I only add what I will need from sealed bags ; Pretty consistent for it's price ; Good...

Hard to clean completely, there's always some grounds left in the chute no matter what you do, just short of getting a shop vac ; Slow, which is good, and bad, good because it doesn't burn the beans, bad because it takes a little while to grind enough...

Sep 2009

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CoffeeGeek - Baratza Maestro Plus - Ly Foley's Review


With the first one, I made 1 bodum pot and 1 espresso before the burrs stopped working even if you could hear the motor running.

Conical burrs ; Small size ; Weighted base

never lasted more than a couple of weeks

Jun 2009