LG U310

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Portabilität, Preisleistungsverhältnis, Größe, Zuverlässigkeit


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Expertenbewertung von : Liz Tay (goodgearguide.com.au)

LG U310


The LG U310 is nothing special, but its simplicity could very well be the basis of its appeal. Featuring a solid clam-shell design and user-friendly s...

Price, features, solid design

Limited memory, unnecessary navigational controls

The LG U310 is a good entry-level phone with 3G capability

Jun 2007

Expertenbewertung von : Tecnozoom (tecnozoom.it)

Expert Review


Memoria espandibile; Dimensioni

Legato a operatore; Memoria interna

Il nuovo cellulare della LG U310 è un ottimo modello, il cui unico difetto è quello di essere esclusiva di un solo operatore, almeno per il momento. UMTS, è dotato di elevata tecnologia e molteplici funzioni, tra cui anche un lettore multimediale, con...

Jun 2006

Expertenbewertung von (go4it.ro)

LG U310 - specificatii, noutati



Kundenmeinung (cnet.com.au)

LG U310


a have once but it didnt work right because i sent it in aservic to make it withou chip(for128 kb card) and now i swich off after afew minutes



Jan 2009

Kundenmeinung (cnet.com.au)

LG U310


Some of the functions are hard to understand. Its my mums phone, and I certainly wouldn't of chosen it for my self. I love my Nokia 6103.

Buttons are easy to use

Smudges too easily. Doesn't open easily ; Cannot find program ANYWHERE to download the photos off it

Dez 2008

Kundenmeinung (cnet.com.au)

LG U310


I got this for xmas last year and already i have to charge my phone nearly twice a day - the battery life sucks but other than that it has good features and i like the easy to use design. I text more than i should and i find its a real texting phone...

Good design ; Good features ; Easy to use ; the music buttons on the front ; the fact that i have dropped it 50+ times and it still workss

The battery life ; the camera - not as clear as i would like ; cant personalise it as much as other phones ; the memory card resets ever now and then

Dez 2008

Kundenmeinung (cnet.com.au)

LG U310


i dont recommend this phone i have had it for about a year and have sent it back to 3 over 5 times, screen broken, charging hole broken, its very slow to respond , sometimes it tells me i have nothing on my memory card so i have to restart it.

easy to use

all of the above

Okt 2008

Kundenmeinung (cnet.com.au)

LG U310


my friend has this phone and shes totally in love with it and so am i!

awesome camera

lacks better features

Jun 2008

Kundenmeinung (cnet.com.au)

LG U310


Battery life is rediculous. I like the phone it does what I want. and it was cheap It also has features I have no use for.

Size ; feel ; Calendar ; Pictures

Can't get two days out of a brand new battery ; Too many features

Apr 2008

Kundenmeinung (cnet.com.au)

LG U310


my dear i have LG U3110 Mobile i want the open the cuntry code my cuntry is Pakistan i receved mobile in the Itly

my dear i have LG U3110 Mobile ; i want the open the cuntry code ; my cuntry is Pakistan ; i recevedmobilein the Itly

my dear i have LG U3110 Mobile ; i want the open the cuntry code ; my cuntry is Pakistan ; i recevedmobilein the Itly

Mär 2008

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