Tweezerman No Slip Skin Care Tool

Tweezerman No Slip Skin Care Tool
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Feb 2020

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This is a good little tool , I use it on my builder husband, it is kinder than sticking your nails in, and cleaner.

Aug 2017

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Not Good


Thought this would be great for removing blackheads and better for skin but you have to press quite hard which leaves a mark on your skin and is very uncomfortable.

Mär 2017

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Hard to use large side


Brought this for myself. I found the smaller end useful but the larger end was difficult to use and didn't work as well as wanted to

Okt 2016

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This tool gets em' every time!


I love this tool because I am a self professed picker. And as such I've managed to damage my skin and cause some long term problems. You would think this is enough to make me stop picking at my skin but alas it is not. In comes the Tweezerman Skin tool...

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Love this thing


I know you're not supposed to squeeze, but sometimes you just can't resist. This tool will get ride of whiteheads and blackheads with less damage than you would cause if using your fingers. Since I started using this, I have a lot less scarring and a...

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Just like a facial at the spa


This product works well for what it was intended for, making quick work of extractions. Works on both black and whiteheads.

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no more fingers


I really live by the use of this tool. I use to use my fingers and get left with marks/scars. Now I grab this product and see the results on my skin. I only had success with the one side but still love it!

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Works Wonders


I just can't help being happy when I see the blackhead oils coming out when I use this tool. It is great for whiteheads also. I can't live without mine.

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Thanks for selling to the public


I'm glad that this tool that dermatologists use is also available for us. I use it only once is a while in case of emergencies when I really need to extract my pores or acne. It could be dangerous for people who are obsessed to squeeze, but at least...

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was skeptical at first but it worked like a charm