Superdrug Hair Lightener Kit 50ml

Superdrug Hair Lightener Kit 50ml
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Jul 2020

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Irritated my skin, and didn't lighten my hair at ALL. I left it on for the extended period of time (15 minutes) and it had no effect whatsoever. Should have read the reviews before purchasing, but bought it on a whim in store. Don't waste your money.

Jan 2018

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Burned my face!


I used it a few times thinking the slight burning sensation was a normal reaction. But used it again last night on my side burns. When I removed the cream, my face was still burning. Later realised that it had left burns. Please see pictures! Ps: i...

Dez 2017

Kundenmeinung (

Terrible product


I bought this a year ago, still regretting after having used this. I burnt all my face and it turned purple instantly. My face became full of spots which I am carrying till now. I do not recommend to anyone.

Nov 2017

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I used this product on my cheeks and left it on for no more than 10minutes. My entire cheek area has been left with this harsh red burn mark!! This product has done nothing for me but scared my face. Please do not buy this product, I don't even have...

Okt 2017

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I am so pleased to have found this product. A little mixing tray and spatula to apply. Leave it on for 10 minutes and perfect upper lip!

Sep 2017

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Brilliant product


After using a well known brand for years which was discontinued, I tried a high street own brand which was ineffective, and I have just discovered the 'Superdrug Hair Lightener Kit'. I cannot praise the product enough - it is simple to apply, the...

Sep 2017

Kundenmeinung (

DO NOT USE Burns Skin


This product should NOT BE on superdurg's shelves- judging by previous reviews, this product should have been removed a LONG time ago. I have used various bleaching products, including Jolen, Boots own brand and Veet, and have never had any irritation...

Jul 2017

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Did not work - Disapointed


Bought this a couple weeks back when it finally came back into stock, was eager to try it, but after just one application I won't be using again. It did not bleach any facial hair. So I'm currently on the look to try another brand.

Mai 2017

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Ignore the bad reviews!!


After wasting money on Jolene which doesn't work I thought I would give this a go. Due to all the bad reviews on this site I was hesitant, but as this is half the price I thought I would give it a go, I am glad I did! Yes it stings when you first put...

Mär 2017

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Great product.


I never felt compelled to write a review before but thought I would add my two cents worth about this product, I suffer like many women with facial hair, I've bleach my facial hairs along with waxing and plucking, after many years of using another...

Mär 2017

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