Smooth Away Hair Removal

Smooth Away Hair Removal
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Aug 2020

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worked for me


I love this product! I have looked and looked for it for a long time now and cant seem to find it anywhere. Never irritated my skin and was much easier to use with lots less time on facial hair. If you wanna try it do, but do not put lots of pressure...

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It works for me....


I bought Smooth Away at Big Lots for $4.00 each and I was surprised that it did work for me on my legs, I have a strawberry blonde type skin complexion and my body hair is very fine, maybe that's why it works, I love this product!

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Love the smoothness


Great product for hair removal. Leaves your skin extra smooth

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The trick is using correctly


I absolutely love this product and am so sad to see it going off the shelvs. I have struggled with facial hair for so long and this is by far the best product i've used in terms of how my skin looks after and how fast the hair grows back. it is...

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I bought these at the drug store


They did work. My Daughter, her friend and myself all sat down in the living room and started using these on our arms, It was amazing all the hair on our arms came off and it did not hurt at all, we continue to use this product and love it.

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Hair Away With Smooth Away


I am going to make a confession. I do not believe in buying on impulse until I bought and tried Smooth Away Hair Removal system. OMG! My investment in this product was well worth it. I am in my late 30's and started noticing new hair growth in places I...

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Smooth Away


It dosent do much for my legs, but it is the BEST for my arm hair!! Worth the $10 just for that. Also, it makes my arms so smooth afterward. My boyfriend even noticed!

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I liked them!


i bought mine from one of the shopping channels, and read the reviews there first. people either loved smooth away or hated it, so i took a chance. i think they work fine! now, i will say, im starting with a shaved area, and use it when the stubble...

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This product is amazing! It leaves my skin smooth and hair free. The only bad thing is that it takes a LONG time to do each leg. Like a REALLY long time. But it's worth it.

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bye bye hair


This is a great product it removes all my unwanted hair.