Smooth Appeal Original Facial Hair Remover Wax

Smooth Appeal Original Facial Hair Remover Wax
alaScore 85

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Jul 2020

alaTest hat 23 Testberichte und Kundenbewertungen für Smooth Appeal Original Facial Hair Remover Wax zusammengefasst und analysiert. Im Durchschnitt wurde das Produkt mit 4.3/5 bewertet, verglichen mit einer durchschnittlichen Bewertung von 4.2/5 für andere Produkte.

Wir haben sowohl Nutzer- als auch Expertenbewertungen, Produktalter und weitere Faktoren ausgewertet. Im Vergleich zu anderen Produkte erzielt Smooth Appeal Original Facial Hair Remover Wax einen alaScore™ von 85/100 = Sehr gut.


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Kundenmeinung (

Love this!


Absolutely love this original wax treatment... Can't use other face wax products has always end up getting spots and redness for days.

Nov 2016

Kundenmeinung (

This product is easy to use


I have used this product for many years with success. The microwaveable version is clean and equally efficient

Sep 2016

Kundenmeinung (

Not for me


Tryed it once found it to be very messy still had to pull one or two stray hairs and I found it goes cold quick

Aug 2016

Kundenmeinung (



I was sceptical at first having tried wax strips and other diy facial hair removal treatments and never getting salon results, however, I am very impressed with this. It only took a few minutes to remove all the hair on my top lip. It's far cheaper...

Aug 2016

Kundenmeinung (

Better formula


Slightly better than the microwave formula, the effect of which lasts only a couple of days. This formula keeps hairs away for a little longer.

Jun 2016

Kundenmeinung (

It works


I've been using this for couple of years, it removes hair effectively. You get used to the application process after few times. Highly recommend.

Jun 2016

Kundenmeinung (

Product appeared to be what I was looking for


Found product a waste of time and money, will not be buying it or similar again.

Mai 2016

Kundenmeinung (

Buy this!


Easier, quicker and cheaper than getting it done professionally! This stuffs amazing

Jan 2016

Kundenmeinung (

Wax Appeal


I've used this for years, I think this is the best facial wax. Removes even the toughest of hairs. I've have used the microwaveable version but I don't think it is as good as the original. Can be a little messy but that's wax for you!

Nov 2015

Kundenmeinung (

Great product for a great price


This was my first time using the product and I was a but sceptical as to how it would compare to a professional wax and I was pleasantly surprised. It was easy to heat and relatively easy to apply and I'm sure I'll only get better as time goes on....

Sep 2015

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