Sally Hansen Spray-On Shower-Off Hair Remover

Sally Hansen Spray-On Shower-Off Hair Remover
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Jul 2020

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Works phenomenal :)

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love it! i have to leave it on more than three min., but i have to leave most hair removers on longer than they say. only downfall is it smells like a perm. my husband sayes it smells like burnt hair. it makes my hair grow back sparser. i was going to...

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Can't believe all the negative reviews!


I actually decided to try this after a friend suggested it. I've always been wary of dipilatory creams b/c my mom always told me about a bad chemical burn she got from Nair. I tested this a couple of months before my wedding. I wanted something to use...

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Left it on for the recommended three minutes, rinsed, and had lovely, hair-free legs. I used this two weeks ago, and the hair is only just growing back. The only drawback for me is that it does have that horrible depilatory smell, but otherwise it\'s a...

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Husband's Back


I've been shaving, waxing, and doing everything else for my husband every time we go somewhere to swim. He has patches on his back and this is the product we like best. It's fast and so easy to use. He says it burns a little bit, but if you don't rub...

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Great Hair Remover


I got this product about two yrs ago & have used it since. I leave it on for nearly ten minutes, then I get in the shower & use a washcloth to wipe it off & every bit of my leg hair is gone. And it doesn't come back for two weeks or so. I think it...

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Extra Strength version is the way to go


I tried the Extra Strength variation of this spray, and unlike most hair removing sprays / cremes / lotions, it did a good job of hair removal. My leg, etc, hair is very coarse,

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Better for bikini line


If you want to use this on your legs you'll go through the entire container quickly. I prefer this on my bikini line and it works really well. Sure, it smells a bit, but it seems that when the hair comes back, it is sparser and finer.

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Burning skin


Wow, it actually does work. I used it on my arms. You need to leave it on for more than 3 minutes but thats where it gets tricky. Any longer than 3 minutes I cant but help that I am burning my skin off. Theres this burning sensation but if you leave it...

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good for a temp fix for fine hair


If you were to use this, say, on your arms, the hair would go away easy and its nice and smooth. Buuut, if your looking to remove more stubborn hair, or if your hair is dark/thick (im a brunette and my leg hair etc, all comes in dark and pretty thick),...

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