Nair Sensitive Face Cream

Nair Sensitive Face Cream
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Aug 2020

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wroks for me...


this did not burn my skin unless i left it on for more than eleven mins. i have sensitive reactive skin and this product is THE ONLY PRODUCT that does not cause those annoying bumps on my skin. i have been using this product for over several months now...

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A gentle product; applicator tube


I have light, fairly fine facial hair (upper lip, etc) and used the Nair Face Cream, Sensitive Formula with Green Tea. In terms of facial hair creams, I've found this one to be by far the most gentle. The product comes in a small, easy to hold tube...

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works pretty well but...


I'm surprised about all the reviews with allergic reactions! But again, I used the same cream in a PINK box so it wasn't for sensitive skin, it was just the regular cream, maybe the regular one is more friendly than the one for sensitive skin...

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Nair Sensitive Face Cream


I do not have sensitive skin but since I use it on my face I thought it would be better to use a sensitive product. I never have any problem with burning or redness unless I leave it on for more than 5 minutes or unless I've gotten too much sun. My...

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Yeahhh (: it got all the hair off, pretty well! However, Was not sure at first with all the bumps if it was normal! But, not sure if ill use this again as to my upper lip stings/burns, is red, and now has bumps! Not happy at all! :(

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When it worked it was fine..


I used this for about a year. Exact same packaging but in pink. The instructions are on the box only, not on the container itself even though there is ample space for it to be printed there. There IS text on the container though, just a bunch of rambly...

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I don't have much of a need for this, but after trying it, I won't be able to stand having that scent so close to my nose again. Yuck. AT least it was too irritating.

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Hmm.. :/


I used this product for the first time today. I don't like waxing as I come out all pimply - gross. The cream removed about 85% of the hair and some just seemed to break off above the skin. My upper lip is now incredibly sore and I can't even put a...

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Definitely not for sensitive skin


It removed my unwanted facial hair very quick, and the small tube tip gave me less mess than when I used their regular face cream. I thought everything went smooth. But then my face started feeling a little bit burn and looking reddish. It went back...

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DO NOT USE THIS. it removes hair, but it burns your skin. I didn't even think I had sensitive skin but this stuff really hurts! Ironic that it's called sensitive face cream...


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