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Expertenbewertung von (cnet.com)

LG 55EF9500


The longer version? Maybe you have the money and like curved TVs. Because, let's face it, flat vs. curved is more of an aesthetic decision than anything else. Fine, get the 65EG9600 curved TV. Maybe you want a 55-inch TV instead. I'm not rich, so I'd...

The LG EF9500 OLED TV's picture quality is better than that of any LCD or plasma TV we've seen, with perfect black levels and exceedingly bright whites. It's equally adept in bright and dark rooms; showed accurate color, excellent uniformity and solid...

The EF9500 is more expensive than pretty much any other TV of its size. Its light output, video processing and some aspects of screen uniformity aren't quite as impressive as some other TVs.

If you have the money and want 55-inch or 65-inch TV today, you should buy the LG EF9500.

Okt 2015

Expertenbewertung von (rtings.com)

LG EF9500 TV


The LG OLED EF9500 4k TV has a very sleek design and excellent overall picture quality, especially in a dark room. Motion handling is excellent, and smart features work very well. It isn't perfect, though. Notably, the input lag is higher than average.

Perfect blacks ; Perfect flicker-free motion ; Great color accuracy at an angle

Prone to temporary image retention after displaying static images ; Constantly changing luminosity based on the scene (ABL) ; High input lag ; Poor color uniformity in the shadows

Nov 2015

Expertenbewertung von : Sam Khan (4k.com)

A Review Of The LG EF9500 4K OLED TV – 65EF9500 & 55EF9500


The much anticipated LG EF9500 has recently been released and become available for purchase, and boy was it worth the wait. For a while now, most OLED TV's have been of the curved variety, but for those of you (us included) that have been craving a top...

Stunning image quality thanks to OLED screen. ; Deep, rich blacks and infinite contrast thanks to “perfect black” technology. ; Wide viewing angle thanks to flat screen and OLED technology. ; High quality sound from Harman Kardon. ; Superior 3D image...

Slight image deterioration at high brightness levels. ; “Dim edges” issue. ; Some motion handling issues. ; Slight input lag issues.

The LG 65EF9500 produces superb visuals principally due to its OLED screen, flat as opposed to curved build, and proprietary perfect black technology. It comes with the latest WebOS 2.0 operating system giving the user easy access of the TV’s many...

Nov 2015

Expertenbewertung von : Eric Le Ven (01net.com)

Test : LG 55EF950V, un téléviseur OLED Ultra HD à l'image sublime


L'OLED se décline aussi à plat chez LG avec ce modèle de 55 pouces dont la colorimétrie et le son ont été tout particulièrement peaufinés. Le résultat est top.

Vendu un peu plus cher que le 55EG920V, ce téléviseur OLED Ultra HD est aussi mieux réglé en terme de colorimétrie et plus performant au niveau sonore. Pour ceux qui veulent le meilleur et que l'incurvé ne séduit pas forcément, c'est LA référence à...

Dez 2015

Expertenbewertung von : Eric Beeckmans (fwdmagazine.be)

Test: LG 55EF950V


De EF950V is een platte versie van de gebogen 55EG960V die we een paar maanden geleden nog met veel plezier reviewden. Beide modellen delen dan ook heel wat kenmerken zowel wat design als prestaties betreft.

UHD, HDMI2.0a en HEVC ; WebOS 2.0 ; Zwartwaarde en contrast ; Kijkhoek ; Kleurweergave ; Beeldverwerking ; Bewegingsscherpte ; HDR

Prijs ; Kwalificeert (net) niet voor Ultra HD Premium logo

Jan 2016

Kundenmeinung (reevoo.com)

LG 55EF950V


The image quality in HD is very good, while 4K images are excellent (though currently only sampled via a well known online video streaming service). Standard definition is a bit soft but is quite watchable.

The TruMotion system, for reducing blur & judder on fast moving subjects, seems a bit hit and miss, at least on the example I have and with the most recent software update. That said the I don't think it is really required as the motion handling is...

Dez 2016

Kundenmeinung (reevoo.com)

LG 55EF950V


I did not buy the ultra HD TV I bought the OLED tv so the review above is for this TV

I never actually got the TV I bought!

Nov 2016

Kundenmeinung (reevoo.com)

LG 55EF950V


Super Picture, really crisp/clear. Really black blacks. Pretty good sound for TV speakers. Lovely thin screen/surround. Internet capability.

Screen very shiny, so reflections can be an issue if not sighted in a good location. Very expensive - If you can wait until prices fall then this OLED TV is a good choice. Controls could be a bit more user friendly.

Nov 2016

Kundenmeinung (reevoo.com)

LG 55EF950V


the best

Nov 2016

Kundenmeinung (reevoo.com)

LG 55EF950V


Magic remote,apps,picture quality

Okt 2016

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